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  1. Hi Paul! Baird sells this bar for £2700+ so I am looking for 1oz Britannia/QB + other smaller coins (Sovs, 1/4oz British coins etc) that would bring the value to around £2700
  2. Should this bearish divergence on the weekly play out, we should see levels such $1800-1900 in the next few weeks
  3. Selling 10oz Britannia bars for £280 each plus post each. (10 available) Will be able to post next week but you can lock the price and reserve the bars now. PM with any questions
  4. Hi! I am looking to add to my gold collection 2-3 gold QB's (any) depending on price. Feel free to comment below or PM with offers. Thank you
  5. Hi everyone! I am looking to exchange this 100oz silver bar currently selling for over £2700 at Bairds for gold (British preferable). I would like to receive 1oz gold coind (QBs or Britannia) + other smaller coins to add up to a similar value. Feel free to comment/PM any offers. Thanks
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