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  1. the design looks nice but there is something about the finishing on the 5oz which bugged me when you look closer. I had a few of them but sold them all off, maybe abit too cheaply given the price you paid. I kept the 1oz version
  2. Was lucky to pick up quite a few but only regret is I didnt buy more. This certainly was a no brainer and will probably be sold out soon or the dealers will keep hiking their prices as their inventories run low. There is no reason why this coin shouldnt appreciate as much as the swan. I myself didnt like the swan but i do like this image.
  3. Apologies I havent copied and pasted the correct parts. Singapore has a strong rule of law and my broker is not connected with any bank (they are like the Switzerland of asia). My plan is to remove them once silver is on a sustainable uptrend. I own the bars and I have the serial numbers etc, im not yet super worried but if the whole world was experiencing Zimbabwe level hyperinflation, i may start to worry about consolidating. Yes, i wasnt referring to eagles or austrian. I also have coins which i know I will never sell and intend to hand down to my kids. I justify making some of these purchases because i buy and sell alot of silver. For example, last year I sold around 170kg of silver and I used some of these profits to make riskier bets on certain very low mintage display coins. Yes, heard of him. I started collecting before I was introduced to him but my background is finance and banking so I fortunately already had a grasp of monetary policy and knew about the deception going on in the world. Buying now or waiting partly depends on how much you already have. But on the other hand, some of the premiums on coins like mass produced eagles and maples are ridiculous, i wouldnt touch them right now. If you can buy bars right now close to spot, then its worth it. 1kg bars were my biggest purchase last month before my broker hiked up his premiums. I did buy some coins as well, i was able to pickup a large quantity of 2020 perth rectangular dragon coins around 19usd which i thought was worth it. And i also picked up a decent amount of korean chiwoo coins just a few days ago slightly above 19usd. I usually only buy coins now if i think they will hold their value. For example last year I bought a large quantity of 2019 perth rectangular dragon coins. I was immediately able to sell a portion 10-15% higher in price. There are still deals to be had even in this high premium environment, the trick is to pick up undervalued coins very much like a stock picker would look at stocks.
  4. You have a varying scale of premiums and liquidity. I find 1kg silver bars are very liquid. Some dealers will give you very tight buy and sell premiums on allocated bars if you store with them. For example, with the particular dealer I use in Singapore, I pay 3% above spot to buy 1kg nadir bars and can sell them at 2% above spot (so my net buy/sell cost is only 1%). It costs me 0.6% to store but I am happy to pay storage for a few years for the added comfort of almost 24hr liquidity. I dont have to pay VAT or capital gains when i sell. I like keeping half of my portfolio in 1kg bars because I can sell them all in 1 go at very reasonable prices if necessity dictated. Coins are interesting. Coins are only good if you can sell them higher than if you had bought 1kg bars. So for example, when I buy coins, I take a note of the spot price at the time of purchase and in my spreadsheet, I calculate at what price I would need to sell the coin for the investment to have been better than if I had just bought a bar. Obviously if I cannot resell that coin higher, that means I should have just bought a bar instead and vice versa. The coins where you can sell them much higher than if you had bought a bar is obviously the best investment. However selling them may take abit more time but many are willing to forgo some liquidity if they know they have many of the right coin that others will want. There are definitely coins out there which are better investments than buying bars. These are usually what I call semi-numismatic bullion coins which have limited mintages and are popular with collectors. I usually buy these coins in bulk to take advantage of extra discounts and sell some to reduce my overall cost even further. Having a variety of coins is fine if you have a massive portfolio. But if you are going to initially buy say 100-500 coins, I personally think its best to concentrate your purchase on the right coin rather than for example buying 10 of each. Buying singular coins is a no go in my opinion. You end up paying too much for postage, any indirect costs like postage has to be taken into account when thinking about purchases. Happy to share further thoughts if you have any questions.
  5. The crazy thing is, I am able to sell eagles, maples etc for a higher price than what I paid for these korean coins. So to buy these on an outright basis or to sell some eagles/maples against it (since i have too many) as a switch seems to be a no brainer. I would rather scalp doing this than try to trade a rigged market like oil where insiders and their elk are already positioned before the tweets/headlines are released.
  6. LPM.HK I ended up buying a few of the 2018 and 2019. Price looked surprisingly good given low mintage and based on where ive seen these coins selling in Singapore. I presume they ship globally.
  7. Thanks everyone! Hope to make some new friends and contacts
  8. Can probably get a handful of the 2018/2019 pieces for under 20usd. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on whether its a good buy at that price point. Price seems reasonable and feel like I can probably flip a few units to reduce my overall cost as well
  9. Hello there, Just want to introduce myself, im a new member from Singapore. I got into stacking end of 2018, not necessarily because i am a silver lover (although it is nice and shiny), but because I hate fiat currency with a vengeance so I don't like to keep much of it at any given time. My background is finance so I understand where we are at in a world of ever increasing debt and money printing. With the current situation, debt burdens will increase dramatically. I compare it to a wartime situation without the war. Instead of govts paying for tanks, planes and bombs, they will be paying for medical equipment, care, social security etc I was out of work for a while last year so was selling silver to past the time and ended up learning a lot of lessons. In Singapore we don't have to pay GST (goods and services tax) on bullion coins and bars and there is no capital gains tax so its a perfect jurisdiction to buy and store precious metals. I have bought from maybe upto 15 dealers around the world so I try and keep in tune with who is competitive etc. But I still have a lot to learn so I am hoping to expand my knowledge and network with fellow collectors.
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