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  1. LPM have a presale for the 2oz BU but the premium seems ridiculous to be honest when compared to synthetic spot. I wonder if its because of the scarcity of physical relative to paper. Im waiting for a few more places to release it for a better comparison
  2. not sure why they need to have the writing. We all know its a great white, think the writing spoils it
  3. has the 10oz white lion already been released? The 2oz greyhound should be released by next month
  4. guessing 5% above spot for the 2005 hippo set is a good price?
  5. Trying to pick up a 1986 and 1988 2/1/0.5 sovereign proof set with original box and cert in great condition. Anyone has any views on the collectability? Thanks in advance.
  6. PB1

    The coming Gold crash

    This thread and the predictions made me laugh and its not because we have the benefit of hindsight. For anyone who makes such predictions, i always ask .....in that case, where do you think the following will be: Real interest rates equities real estate. etc. You will find quickly that things dont seem to add up when they try to explain the big picture.
  7. Hi fellow collectors, Does anyone have any experience/views on the collectibility of the South African gold natura proof sets. I think the mintages are very low, around 330 worldwide.
  8. cheers. Thought it was a good deal, just needed that extra confirmation. The coin, i believe is in excellent condition apart from the dust which can be cleaned up. Please take a look and tell me what you think Also picked up one 1981 and two 2002 proof sovs with box.
  9. hi, Can anyone please give a rough guide price over spot for the 1981 5 pound sovereign? Is it worth buying at 4-5% above spot? Thanks in advance.
  10. I would sell have my silver stack between 50-100USD to pay down huge investment home loans I have. Then I can retire off the rental income since it would equate to my current yearly salary. Would keep the semi collectibles, nice stuff and the rest of the stack and divide it between my 3 kids.
  11. the design looks nice but there is something about the finishing on the 5oz which bugged me when you look closer. I had a few of them but sold them all off, maybe abit too cheaply given the price you paid. I kept the 1oz version
  12. Was lucky to pick up quite a few but only regret is I didnt buy more. This certainly was a no brainer and will probably be sold out soon or the dealers will keep hiking their prices as their inventories run low. There is no reason why this coin shouldnt appreciate as much as the swan. I myself didnt like the swan but i do like this image.
  13. Apologies I havent copied and pasted the correct parts. Singapore has a strong rule of law and my broker is not connected with any bank (they are like the Switzerland of asia). My plan is to remove them once silver is on a sustainable uptrend. I own the bars and I have the serial numbers etc, im not yet super worried but if the whole world was experiencing Zimbabwe level hyperinflation, i may start to worry about consolidating. Yes, i wasnt referring to eagles or austrian. I also have coins which i know I will never sell and intend to hand down to my kids. I justify making some of t
  14. You have a varying scale of premiums and liquidity. I find 1kg silver bars are very liquid. Some dealers will give you very tight buy and sell premiums on allocated bars if you store with them. For example, with the particular dealer I use in Singapore, I pay 3% above spot to buy 1kg nadir bars and can sell them at 2% above spot (so my net buy/sell cost is only 1%). It costs me 0.6% to store but I am happy to pay storage for a few years for the added comfort of almost 24hr liquidity. I dont have to pay VAT or capital gains when i sell. I like keeping half of my portfolio in 1kg bars beca
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