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  1. I've actually held off waiting to see if there was a dip but it doesn't seem to be reflected in the pricing much. Not yet anyway.
  2. Hoping to see some pics of the gold. Wondering if they're really as shiny as in the promotional video.
  3. Wish they had better pictures of the actual bars and not a rendering. They look great in the video but still want to see more, especially of the gold.
  4. Ah, tough decision! Not sure what I think still.
  5. Are the premiums higher than LPM? Seems like it though you would save on shipping I guess.
  6. Not sure if the SOTD was ever available. There's still a "Register Your Interest" option, so maybe still to be released?
  7. Good question, and if it is released at RM would it be on a Monday like a typical commemorative release? Or done differently because it's technically bullion?
  8. There might be some interest in it if it turns out to be her last birthday coin before Prince Charles takes the throne. Not exactly sure when that will happen though or how it works, just know I've heard some talk of it over the past year.
  9. Did they say it would ever be available from them? Or is it a dealer exclusive?
  10. Would be pretty cool to have the design on a bigger piece of silver like that, I think the kilo Una's turned out well.
  11. Oof, a bit expensive but still would love to buy one so I could have something from this release. Uuuugghhhh, I really don't understand why RM does this.
  12. I'd be interested but only at original release price. Was that ever offered at RM? Release day was so hectic I didn't take notice.
  13. I think typically anything with a beautiful woman on it sells pretty well. Was wondering what the Graces would look like as well.
  14. Based on LPM's prices the gold seems very reasonable but the 10oz silver is a bit high.
  15. Guess I'm giving up on the refresh game for now. Very unlikely to have any restocks online. How do you guys feel about the Una bullion bars? Will you pick any up? Kinda thinking about a 10oz silver and 1oz gold, unsure though.
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