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  1. Ah, did they say anything about the 2oz gold mintages? Thought I saw on the LPM site that it was in the 600's but now I don't see that listing anymore. Haha, too early for me here. I'm interested in the gold but hoping the mintage isn't too high. And I agree with others when they say a wider planchette for the 2oz would have been nicer.
  2. Where did they reconfirm the 100 mintage? I've only seen a screengrab of the listing that accidentally went up day of release and the LPM site. Curious about the actual mintage as well.
  3. Do you mean a bullion release or like a different mint's variation?
  4. Any news on the 2oz gold proof? Can't remember if it was going to be another dealer exclusive.
  5. Not really thinking they'll be anywhere near a Great Engraver's release but should do pretty well.
  6. I agree. Also, any word on sizes? Didn't get into the beasts set but this does look like a nice design. Just wish we had some more info before I stayed up late waiting for release.
  7. Any word on when BCC might be releasing the 1kg silver? I actually contacted the RM a week or so ago and asked if they would be available from the mint directly and they replied they could not comment on future releases due to an "embargo". Not sure what that means. Have any of the 1kg been for sale anywhere yet?
  8. That's unfortunate. I barely understand setting aside an allotment for dealers let alone the entire production. Would have loved a 10oz or 1kg.
  9. Has there been any further confirmation that the 10oz and 1kg silver will be dealer exclusives? I know another members AM said they wouldn't be available directly from the mint, but still holding out some hope.
  10. I've actually held off waiting to see if there was a dip but it doesn't seem to be reflected in the pricing much. Not yet anyway.
  11. Hoping to see some pics of the gold. Wondering if they're really as shiny as in the promotional video.
  12. Wish they had better pictures of the actual bars and not a rendering. They look great in the video but still want to see more, especially of the gold.
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