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  1. That's a really cool design. Do you know how soon the new pandas will be available?
  2. Do you have a link? The only 10oz I can find is the 2021 proof. Edit: was able to find it. https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/silver-coins/the-queens-beasts-2022-white-greyhound-of-richmond-10oz-silver-bullion-coin/
  3. Also, have we seen the rest of these for sale anywhere yet? I've been curious if they'll just be included in another Royal Mint set or if they were sent to be a dealer exclusive.
  4. Are you guys going to get yours graded or keep in the presentation?
  5. Interesting that they've minted two coins for this release. If the Royal Mint does the same for the 2oz gold, I wonder if it would make it prohibitively expensive for even more potential buyers.
  6. Very cool design. Interesting that they're still available.
  7. Thanks for the pics, will be nice if we see some of the other finishes/gold as well as people get them.
  8. Has this been released already or upcoming?
  9. Wonder if there will be any silver 5oz versions?
  10. Kind of disappointed in these coins. First time I've preferred a colorized version but still will probably pass.
  11. Do you think the 2oz's will be through AM only, btw?
  12. Ah, did they say anything about the 2oz gold mintages? Thought I saw on the LPM site that it was in the 600's but now I don't see that listing anymore. Haha, too early for me here. I'm interested in the gold but hoping the mintage isn't too high. And I agree with others when they say a wider planchette for the 2oz would have been nicer.
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