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  1. Received today, all worked out fine. If a mod can edit title and add "solved" it would be nice.
  2. Update: Got a response on 8/7/20 that they will ship asap.
  3. So what's the benefit of complaining to the ECC? Wouldn I think they will have to cancel your order and refund you just so they don't get in trouble. The question is, how long are we gonna wait before we do something about it? Like how long are protected to get our money back if they do not deliver? I don't want to cancel the order as the price I payed can only be imagined right now.
  4. fyi, still no update/reply to my emails from them
  5. Mine haven't arrived yet, did they send you a tracking number at all? On their website under the order tab it says "Complete" but they haven't provided a track number neither replied to my email.
  6. Greetings, I've ordered from Aurinum.de for the first time and payed at 18/3/2020, asked them how long it would take for the dispatch of the order which they replied at 30/3/2020 it would be 3-4 weeks due to coronavirus situation which I completely understand. Now i'm getting a bit nervous, I've send them a second email 2/5/2020 and they didn't even reply, is this standard from their part or shall I take any action? I did order before the price of metal increased, are they delaying in hopes that I cancel my order or some other shenanigans??
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