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  1. Many thanks for the info, managed to get one. I think a bargain!
  2. I was lucky this time and picked up one of these beauties, amazing coin, can't wait for the set to be completed in March! I know how you feel. I missed out on the 3 graces in Feb. As much as you feel happy for everyone else, it does not help. Also, I was one of those who had to accept a refund on the Queens Beasts 2 oz silver proof 10 coin set, very disappointing! However, you just have to move on quickly, part of being a collector. It is as it is!!
  3. Yep, my 2 oz silver has been completed and should arrive tomorrow! Feel very lucky. Like many I was not moving on the website. Waited around one hour on the phone, and managed to get one (and portrait in March). I just hope everything is fine when it arrives!
  4. I managed to get through on the phone around 10.30 and purchase the 2oz silver set. Not received confirmation email. Just been able to finally get on the website and not appearing on my account? A little worried! Never ordered by phone before
  5. I do hope you all receive your orders eventually, because this coin in hand is amazing! Received my 5 coin set yesterday and have had a good look and very happy, seems to me to be about as perfect as you can expect. The Quintuple Sovereign is something special!! I am no expert, but surely no coin is absolutely perfect. I look at a coin with the naked eye, then with a loupe 5x maginfication. If there are no discernable marks, scratches etc.. the coin will have a good chance of getting a PF or PR 70,if grading is your thing. Personally I do not have any coins graded. Anyhow, I feel very lucky to have this set. It will be worth the wait!
  6. I feel your pain Backyard Bullion, but agree with your philosophical outlook! Still awaiting my 5 coin set. Looks like it's now going to be Monday. Will be very nervous - like opening your exam results, do I dare look! I received the single Sovereign this morning (not from the mint) and it does have a scratch on the Queens portrait side, on the cheek. I know I would not be able to get a replacement, only a refund. Love the design so much and think it's a classic, so will just keep it. Will be honest if/when I come to sell. However, still think in years to come would still get a small return on the investment. The Loupe I use is stronger than x5 so who knows if graded?
  7. I have received text confirmation from DHL re my 5 coin set - estimated delivery by end of working day Monday. From previous experience there is a chance it could turn up tomorrow (order turned up a day earlier before). Thought I would mention for those expecting delivery on Monday. Don't like the idea DHL give you the option in the text to click on a link to change to none signature.
  8. No, nothing yet for me either. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I was one of the lucky ones to get the 5 coin set - I HOPE!
  9. Having the same problems as everyone. Thankfully, I was not interested in making a purchase, but sorry for others. Think my expectations of being lucky with the Gothic Crown are diminishing!
  10. It was not just one coin, it was the 2 ounce queens beasts silver proof set consisting of 10 coins, limited mintage of 310. There was a thread at the time (couple of months ago). There were serious production issues with this release, most people had the same issues, namely milk spotting galore!. Also covered in black fibres. Returned for a replacement set (restrike?) and the second set was just as bad! Incredibly disappointing/frustrating. I am sure I speak for many on the forum.
  11. Thanks again! Although I do not have an account manager, I will mention this to them.
  12. Thanks BackyardBullion. When you say online "account", I assume this is different to the investment wallet/account? Cheers, Paul.
  13. I returned my second set of 2 ounce silver proof Queens Beasts ten coin set for a full refund almost 3 weeks ago. Realize in the terms and conditions they have up to 30 days to refund. However, from other peoples experiences do the Royal Mint always drag this out as long as they can? I have been on the phone to them twice, and despite being promised I would receive payment by a certain date, still nothing! Thanks.
  14. My replacement set is also going back for a refund. I think there is nothing more to say!
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