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  1. AndyS

    Bullion vs. Re-strikes

    Well the ducat from the Netherlands has indeed had a bit of design change in recent years but I have not seen that the Austrian one has. Technically I guess the Netherlands coins are straight collectors coins as they are strike to order proofs rather than re-strikes. 2017 was the 200 year anniversary of the modern ducat (features the dates 1817/2017 like another coin we are familiar with). 2018 and 2019 are the first two of a 4-year run celebrating international trade routes - North and East respectively. South and West to follow in 2020 and 2021.
  2. I like the way the Austrian mint just goes about its own thing even though I am not a fan of their mintage policy which is always far more coins than they can reasonably hope to sell. You can go back 10 years and you can still get the 50 Euro limited proofs , and all releases of the rather fantastic wildlife series are still in stock. As for the coin it question, I am rather taken with the meta nature of having a series of gold coins celebrating the history of gold! ...
  3. If you were to compare the situation before is it so that now there is a clear distinction between overtly collectible items with limited mintages e.g. proofs on one hand and bullion products on the other ... if you were to advise HMRC or the treasury on guidelines for issuing a Collector‘a License, what would suggest?
  4. How do I identify a dip? What % down from a ‘high’ is a dip when people would be comfortable buying? And how do you know it is a ‘high’ in the first place? How stressful is that! on approx the 10th of each month I buy a coin - usually one that I think looks interesting and a week or so later it arrives in the post ...
  5. For me it is more important to buy regularly rather than try and time dips and peaks. If you buy a sov or a 1/10 or 1/4 oz a month and pick a day to do it, it takes all the stress out of the purchase ... As others have said, pick something with a low premium
  6. Yes, they effectively gave up on ‘bullion’ minting in 1937 (end of the Wilhelmina era) and shifted more into a ‘collectible’ mode since 1960 (Juliana) and full on proof only since 1986 (Beatrix) This seems to be the same strategy as the Royal mint had in the 80s of only producing proof sovereigns, however, of course they went back to producing a mixture of proof and bullion in 2000
  7. The Royal Dutch Mint is in the run-up to the annual release of the gold Ducat (and double Ducat) for 2020. Orders are accepted during May only and the number of orders during that month sets the mintage for the year. For 2019 that was 798 for the single and 634 for the double. This approach of fulfilling subscriptions and allowing individual orders has been in place since 2014. In essence the collectors set the mintage rather than the mint itself. What do you think of this strategy vs. mint determined mintage limits? Pros and cons ...
  8. I like this (I hesitate to say) out of the box thinking
  9. AndyS

    Bullion vs. Re-strikes

    Today bars of all sizes are ‘Sold out’ as are most of the philharmonics with the exception of 1oz which is available with limited supply, however, against this background and also considering that the oz premium is in the 4-5% range still, ALL of the historic re-strikes are still available!
  10. AndyS

    "There's no gold"!

    I’m not sure you can bail out a lack of gold other than with a bailout that comprises a large pile of actual gold 😛
  11. AndyS

    "There's no gold"!

    Oops ... Question 1, is this one of these feedback loop thingies where more demand for physical delivery will drive less and less price correlation between physical and paper as the days pass - which will in turn drive more demand for physical deliveries? Question 2, could this ‘break’ COMEX?
  12. Agree that would be interesting to know the process you can see how their system works if, like I did recently, you order the last example of something they have in the store. When the order is placed the price is locked and the item is removed from the store (I assume ‘reserved’ in their stock Managment software) and clock starts on the deadline to receive payment. On payment the item is physically set aside I.e. delivered. i have never preordered anything from them, but I assume it works in the same way.
  13. My experience is that you receive a mail saying that your order has been stored in safe (number 2 in my case). Order was handled as shipped I.e. items were removed from inventory. did you not receive such a mail or have such a status line in your account summary?
  14. AndyS

    Bullion vs. Re-strikes

    Would be interesting to understand how the liquidity situation is in mainland Europe when it comes to the ducats, gulden, crowns, francs, etc....
  15. AndyS

    Bullion vs. Re-strikes

    It was interesting to me peoples opinions on this as the Re-strikes appear next to the Philharmonics on the Investment page rather than collectibles As an aside, when I bought a 1oz Philharmonic last week when they were going for €1377, I nearly put the 100 Crown in the basket instead as it is beautiful and basically the same amount of gold ... next time ...
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