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  1. You can make tax free transfers of assets to your legal partner (boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't count!) but remember that the cost price remains the same as the original purchase. So.. If you bought at 1000 and transferred when it was 1400, when your wife sold they would consider the 1000 to be the cost price, not the 1400. Its not an "arms length transaction" like selling to a third party would be. You'd also have to prove that ownership transferred. Easily done with shares and property, less so with smaller assets which aren't registered anywhere. If it's a sizable saving on tax th
  2. 🤫 Shhh, don't invite in the tinfoil hat brigade in. Everything is China's fault apparently. At those prices maybe this is where Wonger is buying buying his "gold" 😂 I wonder what the quality is actually like. They would make good little novelty gifts for kids. Imagine a school teaching kids about money and investing and giving them each one of these. They'd be hooked and buying the real deal as soon as they got a job.
  3. If you're in the UK, screwfix sell powder free nitrile gloves. £5.83 for 100. Loads cheaper than amazon or eBay. https://www.screwfix.com/p/ansell-versatouch-92-200-nitrile-powder-free-disposable-gloves-blue-large-100-pack/28319
  4. Ahh, it's one of those 2/3 emails a day jobbies?Tempting price but not worth the hassle. Back to Atkinsons!
  5. "Max 1 Sovereign per household per year" What's that all about? They don't want sales??
  6. If it's an investment then going for weight in bullion grade coins is a safer bet than trying to cherry pick graded coins which may or may not have an excessive numismatic value over time. As you are in the UK, sovereigns are likely to be your best best for low premiums and liquidity in the long run. However, if you're a collector and have no interest in selling, then it doesn't matter what the premium is. It all comes down to how much you like the coin and how badly you want it in your collection. Buying PM can be an investment, a hobby or a bit of both. Just remember to enjoy it, a
  7. I think Mystic Wonger would disagree 😂
  8. You mean 1/4 oz? Otherwise you got the deal of a century!
  9. Seriously regretting not getting in on those! I still keep looking at the Irish ones 🤔
  10. Even with 10% off its still cheaper to buy 2 normal sovereigns. Never bought anything from BBP as its so expensive. Clear to see where they spend their profits though....very user friendly website!
  11. If you want 2020 and only buying one then this is cheaper: https://www.sharpspixley.com/latest-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-gold-coin That price also includes delivery, but sadly no price breaks for buying more than one.
  12. Where are you able to find fractional at such lower premiums? 😲
  13. Today I have been doing some research on marginal gold coins and their benefits, so wondered what people's thoughts were. Buying 10 1/10oz coins still gets you an oz of gold but at a massive premium compared to a single 1oz coin. However, are the premiums acceptable given the benefits of future liquidity? If spot hit £5k an oz, it would be far easier to sell several 1/10 oz coins for £500 each, than a single coin for £5k. Therefore, if holding for the long term (20+ years) does it make more sense to go fractional? Same applies to half sovereigns over full. Anyone here exc
  14. We should start a petition to get you access! Wonder how many sales you've driven to these sites. Imagine if they were all affiliate links 🤑
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