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  1. We should start a petition to get you access! Wonder how many sales you've driven to these sites. Imagine if they were all affiliate links 🤑
  2. Sharps Pixley been removed from the site? 🤔
  3. That's a very good point which is often overlooked. This isn't just a coin you're buying, but a pretty nice box too! If you took into account the price of the box it's even more of a bargain. Some people even sell the COAs (but that feels a bit suspect). I guess if you buy this coin just for the weight it's worth stripping out the unnecessary baggage and sell it to reduce the £/oz even further.
  4. How easy was it to set up a Revolut account? And as its all online do you get a "digital card" number you can use straight away or have to wait for one in the post? Also confused how you top it up...just a bank transfer from your gbp account with a proper bank...surely that incurs fees? Sorry for the questions!
  5. It is very tempting! What's the fastest way to get a Euro debit card?? 😂
  6. My predictions (Where's Wonger?): 1. eBay is going to be flooded with these over the next few weeks. 2. Numistacker will get so many sent for grading they'll have a dedicated video. 3. We're all looking at setting up a Euro bank account 😆
  7. It's not about motivation, they HAVE to do it. They won't be motivated to pay tax either, but they HAVE to. Failure to undertake Money Laundering Due Diligence carries some hefty fines and even prison (if I remember correctly). HMRC can conduct a records check at anytime. Not to check on a particular customer, but to make sure the regulated business (in this case a bullion dealer) is complying with there due diligence requirements. The emphasis is on the business to collect the required information and report any suspicions they have to HMRC. Unless there was an ongoing investigation it would be rare for HMRC to suddenly request the records they hold for an individual. As with most things, if you've nothing to hide then you've nothing to worry about.
  8. So when is this crash coming Wonger? Stacking cash just waiting, but got an itchy trigger finger.
  9. Couple of things I would add, as a newbie myself: 1. Remember the delivery cost. Darren's website includes delivery costs but if you go direct to the website the price quoted won't, but some do offer free delivery. If looking for the cheapest possible this may sway it to a different dealer. 2. Check payment methods. Some dealers take card payments just like a normal online shop, but some require you to pay via bank transfer. Make sure you are comfortable with the payment method. I'm personally not a fan of paying my bank transfer just to say £2. Banks advise using your card for online purchasing instead of transfers, and that just sits more conformably with me. Again, that's just me though. 3. Depending how deep your pockets are, have a good look at sovereigns. They are cheaper allowing for more regular purchases which irons out price fluctuations, and as said above they will be easier to sell. Just beware of fakes/ebay. Obviously if you can afford regular purchases of brits then that works too.
  10. Looking at the prices.....maybe I picked a bad time to start buying gloves 😆
  11. VAT is an EU tax. If you are VAT registered in your country and sell goods to another EU country you have to charge VAT at your country's rate (unless you are also registered in the customers country) if selling to someone who is not VAT registered in that country. Selling to a business customer who is VAT registered in the customer country can be zero-rated (i.e. No VAT). So, a VAT registered company in Germany selling goods to a non-VAT customer in the UK will have to charge German VAT at the prevailing rate. It just so happens that the VAT rate on silver in Germany is low (I think 5%). So when they say it includes all taxes they mean it includes the 5% VAT. As you are bringing goods in from the single market it won't be stopped at customs and won't be subject to any further taxes on import. After brexit though.... Who knows! This is the sort of thing which should be being negotiated right now!
  12. @ChrisSilver @kimchi Thanks for the recommendation on nitrile disposable gloves. I'll give them a look. Hopefully I can get hold of some at a decent price which hasn't been ramped up given the current PPE shortages.
  13. I hope the cotton is for this topic and not the other one. Ouch!
  14. That's a great tip! Would never have thought about snooker gloves. I'll look into it.
  15. I know some people see gold and silver as just a metal valued at spot so don't worry about wearing gloves, but I'd rather keep my PM is the best condition possible (I am a collector at heart). To that end... A lot of advise online recommends wearing cotton gloves. However, a number of stackers on YouTube seem to favour what appears to be black disposable latex gloves. What gloves to people use/recommend, and what materials should definitely be avoided?
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