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  1. Sounds like a postage nightmare in all honesty. Dread to think what it'd cost.
  2. Nothing special, I only stack weight. Thing is though, from what I understand gold is slightly more expensive over there than what we can get in the UK. What you suggested is what I'm doing with my silver though. The good news is that I can increase my stack by another fifth or so by selling and buying cheaper over there. Bad news is I'm missing out on all the really cool stuff cause I'm just stacking generic gov minted coins knowing I'll have to sell them.
  3. Noooo, that's a surefire way of getting your stuff confiscated. CBP might be vague with everything else but they're absolutely clear about what they mean by 'value'.
  4. Thanks for the info. Still absolutely unclear though. I'm starting to wonder if that's an accident . I think I'll have to contact the airline and find out from them first hand.
  5. Hey guys, My partner and I are travelling to the states in a year or so ahead of a relocation. I'll be transporting some of my gold to store over there, and I'm aware that you can take up to $10,000 worth without declaring it. Given their previous confiscation efforts, I'd rather not, hence moving some ahead of time. Would both my partner and I have a combined $10,000 pre-declaration limit, or would that be $10,000 each? I've tried to find an answer but even CBP don't make it clear. Thanks, Jacob
  6. Definitely Fedex, but only cause my local UPS depot is useless.
  7. All fun and games till you need to deal with their 'customer service'.
  8. Think of it as a savings account. In reality you didn't hand over money so much as trade your paper funny money for actual wealth.
  9. Don't get me wrong, this guy is great for people getting out of debt. But he's incredibly short sighted and assumes that everyone else has the same opportunities that the boomer generation had to invest in real estate and businesses and completely disregards the fact that the fed are printing trillions in monopoly money right now. It's almost like he thinks this house of cards is just going to last forever. Comparing precious metal investment to gambling or buying a boat is asinine. Dave Ramsey trashing PM's again is probably the most bullish signal I've seen in weeks.
  10. Bit tinfoil hat but I was saying the same stuff to my friends at the start of April. There's only so many times they can use quantitative easing to prop this dog and pony show up and I think they realised their number was up. The beer flu is just a convenient scapegoat.
  11. I like your style. Been from the other side of the Peak District, I totally get the crafty manc mindset haha! I'm keeping a bit aside, but not much. Enough liquidity to dip my toes in the stock market when the slaughter is done with. It's hard to keep much more when the Bank of England is printing like it's going out of style.
  12. I work in a hotel around uni and it's a pretty uncomfortable time. We're furloughed at 100% but god knows if we'll still be employed at the end of all of this. All I know is that I'm stacking like a madman and hoping for the best so I can be in a good position to pay a large part off a house in a couple of years.
  13. I changed it, thanks for the heads up Roy 🤣
  14. Bugger, was it '71? I put 74 as a placeholder till I checked but then forgot to change it.
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