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  1. Getting out of gold sadly, focusing on Silver and crypto. All 5 sovs are in spectacular condition (besides 1 which has a very slight ding above the "FID" lettering which arrived this way brand new from a top 3 UK dealer) - however - I am selling these to you as nothing more than bullion condition, even if they were struck by the royal mint 10 seconds ago - I would still only offer them to you as bullion / what they are. 2021 1oz Brit £1320 POSTED - Special Delivery 1pm guaranteed 2021 Full Sov x5 £1550 POSTED - Special Delivery 1pm guaranteed (I will post the next working day) Unfortunately won't be offering the sovs individually. Direct Bank Transfer or Crypto.
  2. This will never leave me anyway, real or fake. It's sentimental 😢😄
  3. When I started stacking gold I thought I'd made a calculated decision that I was happy with, well now I'm tired of looking at my Sovereigns wishing they were Brits and so it turns out I'm not a Sovereign guy after all. I've acquired some 2021 silver Britannia's recently and it's made me want some 2021 gold Brits even more than I already did. So I have 9x 2021 Full Sovereigns available - all are purchased new this year, between Chards, Atkinsons, and Sharps Pixley, so the condition is what you would expect from 2021 coins purchased new - however I offer these as nothing other than bullion coins/condition. For a cash price I would consider selling all 9 at (spot willing) £2875 bank transfer (posted, special delivery) - which I would use to fund purchases of Brits. However - what I'm far more interested in is exchanging these for 2021 Brits, realistically we're talking 1oz, I don't any interest in those < 1oz premiums. I'd be happy with something along the lines of (examples depending on spot) - 3x Sovs + £385 for 1 Brit 4x Sovs + £60 + a pint for 1 Brit 5x Sovs for 1 Brit + £265 9x Sovs for 2 Brits + £200 (I believe that's along the lines of swaps which are always slightly in your favour) I'll be sending my gold out first (if that's your preference) so I'll be expecting some noteworthy rep on your end and proof of 2021 Brits in possession. This may not actually be of interest to anybody - which is fair enough, worth a try. Cheers, Brad
  4. 😁 you know what he means Mr Chard. Not every airport security Andy has been spending every day looking at sovereigns for 200 years like you have!
  5. If you look around on the internet regarding fake silver bullion then it seems these Scottsdales are quite popular when it comes to being faked. It occurred to me recently that the first thing I ever bought was this 1oz bar from ebay around 5 or 6 years ago, it has since been sitting in a drawer collecting dirt and whatnot, I forgot I had it until today. It was much shinier when I bought it, but I do remember being surprised at the sharp and jagged edges on the rim of the bar - it could quite easily slice your fingers if you weren't careful, the front stamp is quite precise but the back stamp is quite off-center, and every other aspect of the geometry of the bar is very uneven and wonky as you can clearly see in the images. What do you reckon? How should I chew it up, scrape and scratch, drown it in toxic waste - to find out if it's real? Open to fun/interesting suggestions.
  6. Wow those are spectacular, I guess most of the people I see doing this on youtube are leaving theirs at your Heart(stage 2) with a light clean and polish.
  7. Here's the one I was talking about, but @FlorinCollectorposted a good one above too from Baird & Co. So it seems there's 3 methods. Pressed - these are the ultra perfect bars which are cut out from pressed sheets and then machine stamped. Casted - these are shot/grain melted directly inside the mold to form the nice bar. Poured - these are the ugly DIY ones that youtubers are selling with numismatic premiums.
  8. It seems the vast majority of DIY information is focused on "pouring", personally I'm not a fan of the poured aesthetic, recently I watched a video on documenting the process within a gold refinery in Rwanda, it shows the process of creating really smooth and clean bars by melting shot directly in the mold. It has me wondering, why isn't this done more? Why is everybody "pouring"? Is there a caveat to the "melting directly in the mold" method which makes it only possible with specialise / industrial equipment?
  9. PM'd with a conservative offer. Cheers, Brad
  10. I'm strongly attracted to the 1.25% less premium on Brits (at the lowest volume)... The kicker for me is the frequency at which I can buy, let's say it's either (x2 sov / 30days) or (x1 brit / 60 days) - if on day 45 gold has increased by 10% since your last purchase, with sovs you have already locked in 2 at a lower price on day 30, with brits you still have 15 days of potential further increase... of course there's also the bearish version of this argument to consider but what fool in shorting gold right now?
  11. Hey can you elaborate on your logic for the Brit being a better buy?
  12. I understand that the Sovereign is usually #1 for stacking in the UK, but Britannia's were never far behind and even a preference for a good number of people. The pros and cons or each are generally understood, but what about now with the 2021 Britannia and the new security features, does that put it ahead? - or is the Sovereign still your primary gold bullion to stack?
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