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  1. Anyone have issues with gs.be where the page wont load fully and there is no 'secure' padlock left of the url?
  2. Had a look at gs.be and the website is playing up a bit for me, anyone else notice this? Like the page wont fully load.. also says it isn't a secure website as no padlock next to the url
  3. I have a photo ID but it's not a passport or driving license and they said that's all they accept, I do have a UK bank account. Also I messaged them first to ask about this before attempting a payment because I didnt want my funds being held until I got verified.
  4. Transferwise wont let me order without a photo ID, are there any alternatives for me? I dont have a drivers license or passport.
  5. Hi, was wondering if there was going to be another group order soon? New here so never done one before, although I have been watching the unpacking vids for a while now on youtube.
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