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  1. 50p Silver Proof Decimal Day, photo quite underexposed. Sterling Silver.
  2. An alright documentary, nothing complex. As @Pete said, had to skip or feel asleep and well, gold has been used as currency for a large period and amount of nations but not all and since "forever" https://history.stackexchange.com/questions/4478/how-did-shells-bones-and-other-trinkets-work-as-currency 😛
  3. From the other side of the Atlantic ocean. 2oz Kyudo 2020 🏹
  4. I do wonder if they made a profit or loss at the end of all this It's a very nice case indeed, just didn't post 😛
  5. Recieved "Proclamation of the Irish Republic - €50 Gold Proof 2016". Thanks to the gold deal section for my first piece of Gold. 💛
  6. It was too tempting, I bought it. Not bad for my first piece of Gold if I say so myself. Thanks to everyone for finding this deal. ^-^
  7. Travelling the world but with coins 🗺️, recieved group order from European Mint and a Silver Forum bar. Many thanks to @BackyardBullion. Worth the wait. Also recieved 2018 Fiji Samurai from @Coolsmp. Thanks as well. Been looking at getting this coin for a bit.
  8. Does anyone know if Managed Payments will roll out to the UK as well as the US? It seems that certain items such as Bullion are restricted when selling with it, such as Bullion and Coins. https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/service-and-payments/managed-payments-on-ebay.html https://pages.ebay.com/payment/2.0/index.html https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/selling-policies/managed-payments-restricted-items-policy?id=5009
  9. I would also like to be added to the waiting list for One bar please.
  10. Recieved Green Turtle 🐢 and Pegasus from the Pobjoy Mint: Along with the one I've been really looking forward to for over 2 months: Le Chêne from Monnaie de Paris 😊
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