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  1. Can you put me on the list for 1 please I do love to have serial number that contains 9
  2. Thanks so much for the advice and really woow @Tattoedamat you have such a lovely collection
  3. Finally today Anubis arrives.The second God of the Egyptians' Gods. It's again a piece of art. But sadly the pervious owner didn't take care of it. Its not as shiny and sparkling as Cleopatra Any advice how to restore the silver coin beauty and shinny without destroying it, thank you in advance for any tricks and hope you like it too
  4. I only find them in US Market and I think its very hard to ship it right now but if you want you can try. The full series available in us ebay I got 3 of them from a seller called Istarck. Before you buy them text him and ask for the whole set he can make them in one package and he might reduce the shipping cost. Only Anubis I bought it from different supplier as Istrack was asking for 140$ It will take time to find them but its a set you want to have
  5. thanks @Altitudes & @Chronix you are more than welcome to come and visit us at anytime 😀
  6. @ZatStackz I am waiting the day that the full set arrives. Your comments really touch me so I did a deep research regarding the sign of Heidi Wastweet, I checked her website and the first one was not signed which make me happy again. I guess for you its okay as you have both versions 😃 any way with or without a signature I believe that this one is a piece of art beautiful coin for a beautiful Queen. can't tell you how much I am waiting the whole 3 kings to arrive
  7. I really like the design and i think i will keep them forever too. Thinking to build them home “Pyramid” 😁
  8. @AlphaBeast its amazing to find someone with the same Interest
  9. Anubis was the hardest to find and the most expensive as its rare one. But finally i bought it 2 weeks ago. And as of corona everything is delaying. The other 2 stuck in US 😪
  10. I am so sorry but the photo can't say how pretty Cleopatra
  11. Thanks @AndrewSL76 when i hold the 1oz I love it but when I hold the 2oz i felt its much better i am really afraid to buy the 5oz or this will be my new love. :DDDDD
  12. Seeing the Light for the first time Waiting 0 and 7
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