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  1. yes. that is correct. is the only one i miss to have all 4 coins. thank you
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have the White Horse of Conquest 1 oz silver coin by any chance? Thank you
  3. Hi, I want to start saying that English is not my first language and to apologize about my grammatical errors. This is the first time I am trying to write about something and I think would be a good practice for me. I currently leave in the USA and I started stacking (buying a little silver and gold) a little less than one year ago. All this started after many conversation I have with a very good friend from UK. We meet there since I lived for about 5 year on the Island (I miss it sometimes). He was telling me about a few financial books and different ways to conserve your wealth or invest. so I started to read and read. I was not educated financially in my original country as well as my parents didn't had the knowledge to teach me about money. Soon as I started to read this books and trying to find more information about this subjected I understood you need to have a divers portfolio to conserve your wealth and to invest. Since I am a beginner in all this I wanted to start with something safer and I considered silver and gold being a safe way to start. In the mean time to learn more about the financial world of investing on wealth preservation. When I decided to do this a did a lot of research and I started to watch a lot of more experience stacker's on you tube. I would say everybody has their own reasons why they started to stack/ invest in precious metals and before you start you will have to decide what that reason is for you. To me this is two things. A way to conserve / invest some of my money and the other to have a little fun. Since I was a kid a had a coin collection so obviously when I started to learn about this it made sense for me. My main focus is to buy American Silver Eagles and Bullion coins backed by governments (Libertas, Meaple's, Britannia, Krug) and to try a get a few series I like. This way I can invest / conserv my wealth and have some fun. I usually buy my coins on line (Apmex, bold etc...)also in my local city there is a monthly coin show and I try to go there once every couple months and see what is there to buy. What I try to do is to be patient and find a deal that I think is good (same deal might not be the best for anybody).I use a website to try and find deals www.findbullionprices.com is not updated all the time but it helped me especially in this time we are now (found a very good deal on 1/10 oz gold). l recommend you make yourself a budget that you want to spend on precious metals so you don't go all in and have to sell at a loss in case of an emergency. Do your research and don't overextend. Try to find the downside of buying precious metals and one that I can tell is the selling of gold and silver in case of emergency you might lose money. Before I end a few more things I am doing. Keeping track of my purchases, what you buy, when, price, spot price, premium etc.. Stay informed about the markets and what happens in the world. Don't by on fear to miss out on something. I know a lot of the successful people own a lot of gold and silver so I think this is a good start for me to understand financial world and conserve my wealth/ invest in something. Thank you and I hope I didn't bored you to death with my story.
  4. Hi, I have a few coins i want to sell. 1 Marvel Series Hulk - 28 $ 1 Panda 2015 - 25 $ 1 Panda 2019 - 26 $ Shipping 4$ seen a few better deal on ebay and i wanted to update the prices to try and match them if anybody is interested. Pay Pal with F&F
  5. yeah, i try to monitor and grab one. all about timing also thank you for what you do for the community
  6. Hi, They are not sold in UK? how many are you looking for?
  7. Hi all, i have some old notes that have some writings on them that i would like to restore. Does anybody know somebody that can do that in USA? thank you
  8. Hi, I am looking to exchange: 2 x Perth Lunar series year of the dog 1 x Panda 2019 1 x Panda 2015 5 Oz Silver generic bar For: Silver eagle Queen's Ann Revenge Apocalypse series silver coins (4 coins release - 4 horsemen of the apocalypse) 1/10 Gold Thank you
  9. Hi, is anybody going to the coin show in Atlanta this weekend? thank you
  10. Hi, I did not thought was relevant were I was born. I am US citizen so you could say I am an American if you want. thank you :)
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