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  1. hi all. only one left is Marvel Wolverine - 41 $
  2. Hi all, only ones left are the bellow. Shipwreck Zuytdorp - 40$ Marvel Wolverine - 41$ Germany Beast Fafnir - 60$
  3. Hi All, I have a few coins for sale. Silver Eagle 2017 Apmex Mint direct holder - 34$ - 2 Shipwreck Zuytdrop - 40$ - sold on ebay Marvel Wolverine - 41$ Germany Beast Fafnir - 60$ sold on ebay Generic Owl - 31$ Generic Prospector - 30$ Prospector Englehard 1986 - 32$ I will add shipping to this price. Paypal / venom I have individual pictures for each one of the coins but to big to post all of them here.
  4. Hi, I have 3 vintage silver rounds 1 oz for sale. 1990 - Merry Christmas 2000 - Merry Christmas 2006 - Happy Holidays They are toned and they are in fair condition. 33$ each plus shipping or 95$ plus shipping all 3. Prefer paypal ff. Thank you
  5. @maskman i had 2 for sale here. Let me know if you are still interested.
  6. @Spegtacular maybe Anne Bonny with The William.
  7. i thought he was asking about the royal fortune sorry
  8. i only have one that i keep for my collection and just couple Royal fortune.
  9. @orion are you in US? how many you want? i might have one for you under 50.
  10. Hi, I started with Rich dad poor dad, The Millionaire next door, The total Money makeover, Think and grow rich. This are just a few that are out there and very popular. My favorite was the Total Money Makeover. I would say they all talk about a mindset but is important to read them and take what you think is best for you. On youtube again you can find a lot of good channels. What got me into stacking was Guido Stacking beginners videos very good for somebody new into precious metals. Salivate metals has very good videos and very informative. Spegtacular, back yard bullion, to name
  11. Hi, I want to start saying that English is not my first language and to apologize about my grammatical errors. This is the first time I am trying to write about something and I think would be a good practice for me. I currently leave in the USA and I started stacking (buying a little silver and gold) a little less than one year ago. All this started after many conversation I have with a very good friend from UK. We meet there since I lived for about 5 year on the Island (I miss it sometimes). He was telling me about a few financial books and different ways to conserve your wea
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