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  1. Don’t usually buy silver, but given that this game was a little more historic, thought it was a nice keepsake!
  2. This beauty arrived yesterday…! I dont have any of the beasts themselves, though couldn’t resist owning the completer. The design is just fab. Bullion is all I could stretch to for this!
  3. One gold ingot reserved pending payment
  4. Hi all, X3 Battle of Britain limited edition 1g gold ingots £52 each + choice of post x1 Centenary of the Unknown Warrior 2020 1/4 gold proof sovereign £100 + choice of post x1 80th Anniversary of Dunkirk 2020 1/4 gold proof sovereign £100 + choice of post Or happy to swap all the above plus a little cash for a gold proof full sovereign Any questions let me know 😄
  5. Added to the current collection of gold proof coins. Not sure which direction my collection is heading in...so far am like a magpie collecting anything that looks shiny! 😁
  6. 2017 Piedfort gold proof arrived yesterday. Really need to not buy anything else for a while now after x3 gold purchases in a matter of weeks!!
  7. Hi all, A year or two ago I bought a 2012 Charles Dickens £2 gold proof. It came with the RM wooden box, booklet and COA, but no outer box. Im just wondering if the RM do replacement boxes for any of their designs, or even a generic RM box? Just my desire for perfection and order speaking here, it’s not essential and I don’t plan on selling soon! Thanks all!
  8. Also looking to BUY proof Krugerrands if anyone has any for sale. Feel free to get in touch
  9. I was going to buy a gold as well but the design just isn’t doing anything for me either!
  10. Ideally looking to exchange for other coins. Happy for people to get in touch if they have coins to swap and we can see if any additional funds are needed to bridge the gap. If people want to buy instead, happy to discuss.
  11. Hi all, Some fractional gold for sale/swap/part payment towards something else. More pics in comments. Proof 1/4 sovereign x2 3x 1g ingots 10 x Utah goldbacks SOLD I’ve been collecting gold proof coins for a year or two now and have decided I want to continue doing that. Looking for proof 1/2 or full sovs, Brits or Krugs. Happy to consider exchange/sale/part payment. Particularly interested in any proof Krugerrands. If you have one for sale, please let me know Happy Sunday all!
  12. Many thanks to @SVcollectorfor these two lovely pieces of Greek gold!
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