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  1. I guess even though the half has lower mintage, inevitably it is the full that is the most collectible I think, especially for collections
  2. Many thanks to @rob6for my Christmas draw coins. Lovely pieces, and perhaps the start of a silver collection for me? 😁
  3. My first time - I'd love to take part please! I don't have any silver in my collection at the moment, only good proofs. Therefore I will offer the Β£25 cash alternative via PPFF
  4. Thought as much - the fact you can see it with the naked eye and don't even need magnification speaks volumes. I would also be sending it back and requesting a replacement rather than conservation.
  5. How disappointing! Is the mark the little black dot (or is that the shadow of the piece of dust/debris above) or is the mark something my novice-eye can't spot? For such a high price proof piece flawlessness is the absolute standard.
  6. Thanks Seasider for this and your precious post, very helpful. I can confirm it’s not a mule unfortunately! Still very low mintage. I will definitely check the grading sites and see what grades the same coins have received!
  7. Thanks @Shep and @MancunianStackeryour thoughts are much appreciated. Good point re: purpose of grading. My main concern was that grading the coins would in fact lower their appeal/value. I’m not even sure if what I’m seeing under magnification is actually problematic or if I am just fishing for issues!
  8. Hi all, I’m fairly new to collecting and have recently been considering grading, though I know little about this (just what I’ve read and from Numistacker’s site!). I have 6 gold proofs (5 pictured below). They are: 1994 Double sov 2012 Charles Dickens Β£2 double sov 2017 1/2oz 50th anniversary Krug 2017 1/4oz Brit 2020 Sov 2021 Sov (not in pic) Now, I recently bought a loupe and have been inspecting each. The 1994 double, Charles Dickens double and the 2021 sov are all pretty spotless. However, the Krug appears to have a couple of very small do
  9. Do you mean this box was missing from your order?
  10. How frustrating for you. Glad that your stock wasn't affected though. Thanks for updating us
  11. What has the mess up been? COAs provided for a different coin?
  12. Ordered x3 of the BoB Ingots...a diversion from my collection of only gold proof coins! Is the stacker in me bubbling to the surface?!
  13. My full sov arrived yesterday afternoon and I have to say it is stunning, no dust etc as might be expected...which kinda makes me feel a little less jaded about the price!
  14. Yeah, Β£555 delivery included I believe!
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