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  1. I just posted this in the sovereign swap shop thread but thought it might be good to ask here too? Hi folks - weird one perhaps! I have print number 72, and wondered if anyone had print number 31 or 32 that they’d be willing to swap? Happy to find some silver or something to throw in as a thank you? 😄
  2. Hi folks - weird one perhaps! I have print number 72, and wondered if anyone had print number 31 or 32 that they’d be willing to swap? Happy to find some silver or something to throw in as a thank you? 😄
  3. Ok folks my coin sets and single sov arrived this morning (still awaiting the print). They are absolutely stunning coins. Unfortunately, when I opened one of the three coin sets, the quarter sov was out of its capsule. I have looked at it under x10 magnification and it looks fine, though RM will certainly be getting this feedback. I thought that it was pretty cool that the three coin sets I got are COA 31 and 32. Imagine if the print was number 31 or 32, that would be pretty cool. Am in a pickle as I was planning on selling one of the sets but now I feel like I may keep everything!
  4. Honestly I would not be surprised 🥲🥲It was an impulse buy anyway so if I have to send back for refund there will be no love lost!
  5. Hi all, x2 80th anniversary Battle of Britain 1g ingot bars with COAs - £55 each x1 2020 Centenary of the unknown soldier 2g quarter proof sovereign - £110 x1 2020 80th anniversary of Dunkirk 2g quarter proof sovereign - £110 + Buyers choice of postage 😀
  6. Thanks for this trp! Just to let you know that on my entry, a 1oz silver coin is also one of the options for the winner to choose from!
  7. So I’ve been in touch with RM and both my Three coin sets, plus print, are arriving Thursday. As is my full sov from Chards. Will be a mix of excitement and apprehension Thursday morning…hoping they arrive with no issues but feeling less and less confident now 😅
  8. Someone can perhaps correct me, though I am sure I heard that COAs bear no resemblance to the time you ordered, and unfortunately they just randomly select COAs for all orders! Frustrating, as I thought the same; if you order first you’ll get one of the lower COAs but apparently doesn’t work like that!
  9. I’m in 😊winner to have choice of either: - Random 1oz silver coin in capsule or - £25 PayPal or - £25 charity donation of your choice or - £25 scratch cards In the process of sorting premium membership to be eligible 👍🏻
  10. I’ve got a sov plus 2 x 3 coin sets. I’m definitely going to keep the single sov long term as I am collecting a date run from 2020-2029…will likely keep a set of the 3 too…will more than likely sell the second set at some point!
  11. I had same thing happen - I ordered 15th says order date 16th - may be to do with system overwhelm as has been alluded to a few posts back!
  12. Haha, I should clarify, x2 Three coin sets, plus x1 single sovereign! Maybe got a bit trigger happy, but hoping with this design it’s a safe investment!
  13. I’ve also decided to order the print…am thinking I will grade one of the three sets I’ve ordered and probably sell (potentially with the print?), and then keep the other three set and single sov for my own collection. As others have said, weird stuff going on in my order history for these…showing as three for each single order and also order date changed from 15th to 16th? Very odd, but am not worried, will let RM do their thing, as long as they don’t arrive with any imperfections 😂
  14. So I received my first email confirmation for the 3 coin set, and it does say subject to availability. I have a feeling that it'll be cancelled soon though haha - fml.
  15. How odd - I was queuing for RM and thought I wouldn't get the 3 coin set so went to Chards instead and ordered the single sov. Finally let into RM site and it's allowed me to order the 3 coin set? Someone maybe cancelled an order, stroke of luck or not selling as quickly as it seems!?
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