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  1. I have found 2 Three Graces coins, still looking for a good price both for Una and Gothic crown.
  2. Hi everyone. I am looking for the above 2 oz silver coins, only from Royal Mint either raw or slabbed. No need of course for all 3 coins from the same member although it would be nice. I live in Greece but I have a London address, I will be there soon. Please pm your offers. Thanks in advance George
  3. Since I was not lucky enough to get either a 2oz or a 5oz Three Graces silver proof coin from the Royal Mint, I am asking for both coins or one of them. Please pm me with your offers. Thanks in advance
  4. I haven't seen the photos myself. Generally speaking is it a good idea to buy a silver Una just before the "three graces" at such a price? I told him buy an extra "three graces" coin and you may be able to exchange it in the future.
  5. Hi and happy new year! A friend of mine found a silver Una in Athens for 1500€. The owner told him that it if he wanted it slabbed it would probably get 68 due to the poor package from the RM when he bought it and showed some photos. Do you think it is a good price?
  6. Thanks you all for your welcome message. Stacker 2020 I visited Budapest last summer. It was beautiful and I was quite impressed by many things about its history. Do you mean these silver coins? I do collect some, if you ever come to Athens or if I come again for the Hungarian GP this summer I can find some for you.
  7. Hello everyone, my name is George, I am a chemical engineer and I live in Athens Greece. I collect silver coins for the last 3 years such as Kookaburras, Pandas, Queen's Beasts and many more. The main reason I joined the forum is that I want to buy the 7 Privateer 2 oz silver ultra high relief rounds and I hope to find someone to sell them to me at a reasonable price here. I also want to be able to make future buys from the members of the forum when something catches my eye and learn more and more about silver coins and collections. Thank you in advance, SilverCollector George
  8. Sorry for posting here but I am a new member and I don't know where and how can I post a wanting ad of the privateer collection? If anyone sells some or all the 2 oz rounds please pm me. Thank you
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