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  1. Hey. Please PM me, I'll take some!
  2. Hey guys, I'd like to get a slide tester for testing silver coins. Would a slide work for .999, .925, and .500? Also, can anyone give recommendations of where I can find a reliable device in the UK? Thanks SO much for your help!
  3. They called me to say that they were about to process payment and dispatch. Didn't mention anything about a credit check. They also tried to upsell me on a 5g battle of britain bar which was apparently £395 online but they could do for £295 if I bought then and there. When I said I'd spent my budget for the month, they then proceeded to tell me about the credit options. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I bit the bullet too on the Brexit ingot...we'll see what happens!
  5. We are having to be extra careful in our household during Covid-19 and are wiping down pretty much everything that comes in the post. I realise that I could leave coins that I've bought to just..sit....for a few days but - I can't wait when it's mail time! So, some of the old British coins I am currently buying, I am gently wiping with Detol wipes before I handle them. Does anyone think this is a massive problem? I am not lifting any dirt or "polishing" the coin in anyway, simply trying to clean it enough to safely handle. Love your thoughts guys.
  6. THIS IS AMAZING! Ooooo - I'll check it. Thank you!
  7. Love the idea of that! Added 0 minutes later... This looks amazing!!! Please post more photos Added 0 minutes later... Poker chip case?
  8. Hey gang! Will you help me? I've started stacking the past few months and it's now time to find unique and creative storage solutions. I'm not talking pragmatic things like safes and monster boxes, I'm talking, old cigar boxes, tobacco tins, and...well....inspire me! Post a photo of your creative storage solutions for your stack or throw ideas. Thank you in advance for your creativity and inspiration!
  9. I would honestly advise you to check out the buy and sell section here on the forum. I've had nothing but great experiences so far buying from sellers with great feedback. It's probably the simplest, quickest way for you to get started.
  10. I've got this Egyptian coin which I am looking to sell. However, I can't seem to date it. Is there someone here who can read the date? 😇 Really appreciate any help 🙌🏻
  11. If I do an order right now, do you think it's likely to go with the shipment this week?
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