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  1. If you place an order online will they will they process it or just give you your money back?
  2. Sounds like a good plan if you were below the threshold for VAT registration which is ~£80k revenue (I think). Would be good however how much volume of trade is there that you could get enough buyers and sellers? Maybe in Birmingham Jewellery quarter you could get more business. Seems better placed to be an advertised one off event where people come and trade PM.
  3. Hi all - don’t own any PM yet except a wedding band, hoping to start with a Silver Britannia. Premiums over spot are looking very large however... Anyone else here from the Midlands?
  4. Hi guys this is my first post and sorry if its been asked before... haven’t seen a good explanation so far. What are the typical buy or sell prices of silver relative to spot in the UK? I understand VAT bumps up the purchase cost from businesses but how much does this bump the resale cost? Would have thought individual collectors of bullion would be able to buy and sell at roughly the same price (over spot) as they aren’t lumped with VAT. Id be much more willing to buy silver over spot if I knew I could sell it over spot too...
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