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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Silver and Gold.
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    The Queen’s Beasts
    Marvel (ongoing)
    Rwanda Nautical (ongoing)
    Silver Krugerrand (addiction 😆)
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    Modern silver 1oz coins, some silver Sterling currency (I find the half crown interesting) and a few gold Sovereigns of the various sizes.

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  1. Great to see these released ! Please put me down on the waiting list as I'd love one. Cheers 👍
  2. Welcome aboard. I'm new too, just a couple of months or so. Nice to welcome someone else, makes me feel like I've settled in 😁
  3. Has this set finished now, or are there any more releases planned ?
  4. Hi @BackyardBullion please put me on the waiting list for a 100g bar , and I'd love bar no.52 if possible! Thanks
  5. Yes they are, but they are a fixed price offer that does not fluctuate with the change in spot price. It isn't going to take much of a hike for these to be become "spot offers" at £99. Also, with the price going through the roof and no signs of slowing with the economic forecast ahead, fractional gold may indeed become worth investing in, as it will be easier to move.
  6. With the price now above £50 per gram , these introductory offers from Hattons are basically spot price quarter sovereigns. OK, cut through the sales jargon, at the end of the day it's gold ! https://hattonsoflondon.co.uk/product/the-2020-dunkirk-80th-anniversary-gold-quarter-sovereign/
  7. Has anyone placed any order with The Bradford Exchange? I'm still waiting on a coin, placed the order in MAY, yes May, and tried contacting them by email and phone and ..... nothing
  8. Yes, an incredible coincidence. @SilverMagpie@BackyardBullion Thinking of changing my user name because of this. I'm a new member, and such a mix up, (though against the odds I will have to say), is a little annoying to say the least
  9. I'll grant you that mistake, had no idea someone else had such a similar user name ! It doesn't matter too much, just fanced 52 as that's my age this year to make it more personal
  10. Recieved with thanks! @BackyardBullion although... I was told I had secured no.52 , but have recieved no.103, which was a little disappointing, but never mind, I got one 👍
  11. Check the price of these "collector Sovereigns" at Bradford Exchange. Yes, I know they aren't popular choices among Sovereign collectors as such, but gold is gold, and these offers are good in my opinion when you consider current spot. https://www.bradford.co.uk/coins/commemorative-gold-coins/
  12. Just to confirm my request for 52 made at around 1903.... please
  13. Number 52 please, though I see someone asked already... before 1900..
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