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  1. Has anyone placed any order with The Bradford Exchange? I'm still waiting on a coin, placed the order in MAY, yes May, and tried contacting them by email and phone and ..... nothing
  2. Yes, an incredible coincidence. @[email protected] Thinking of changing my user name because of this. I'm a new member, and such a mix up, (though against the odds I will have to say), is a little annoying to say the least
  3. I'll grant you that mistake, had no idea someone else had such a similar user name ! It doesn't matter too much, just fanced 52 as that's my age this year to make it more personal
  4. Recieved with thanks! @BackyardBullion although... I was told I had secured no.52 , but have recieved no.103, which was a little disappointing, but never mind, I got one 👍
  5. Check the price of these "collector Sovereigns" at Bradford Exchange. Yes, I know they aren't popular choices among Sovereign collectors as such, but gold is gold, and these offers are good in my opinion when you consider current spot. https://www.bradford.co.uk/coins/commemorative-gold-coins/
  6. Just to confirm my request for 52 made at around 1903.... please
  7. Number 52 please, though I see someone asked already... before 1900..
  8. Hi ByB 🖐 Newcomer here to your 1oz bars, and I'd love to receive one please! Serial number not an issue, put me on the "waiting list" or however you are prioritizing, and I hope I'm successful in application! All the best 👍 PS: If at all possible, put me down for two bars please, if it is not possible, then I'm happy with one.
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