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  1. I'll take any one if available. Please add me to the list
  2. That sounds like a workable plan! Thanks Chris
  3. Hi all, Finally been able to make my first purchase of the scottsdale 10oz stacker bars here in the UK. I was just wondering if anyone had two of the clear plastic stackable cases for them going spare? Ive only seen them on silvergoldbull over here in UK but I do not see spending £5 ech plus £18 on delivery as a viable option.
  4. I love that 20oz I can never see that being sold in the UK
  5. Thank you all.... already browsing through loads of topics there is such a wealth of info available. also erring on the purchase of a few 100g best value bars 😂 to buy or not to buy that is the question!
  6. New to the forum and relatively new to stacking... Have around 50oz of silver so far and looking forward to reading about just about everything I can.. Absolutely addicted already and cannot wait to build it up further.
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