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  1. The thing you you missed is its not a secret, find the vid of George Bush Sr stating 'they have a great opportunity to bring about a new world order'. Then find the vid of Gorden Brown saying it, and Obama and many many others. Then find the vid of all the world leaders doing that weird triangle hand symbol thing. Please often say 'that can't happen someone would have said something' but at the same time no really that people are saying something. I had this happen, people saying SOMEONE would say something the secret is to BIG to keep......not realising the only reason am telling them this stuff is because the secret has got out.
  2. I thought PM where traded 24 hours a day over three stock markets, or maybe I imagined that?
  3. Well don't say I didn't warn you, if you haven't noticed, every government in the WORLD is in total lockstep right now, but you thought that would never happen either.
  4. Most of you won't believe me, because it seem totally illogical, but there is a plan to collapse the US dollar and replace it with a one world currency (crypto). Don't believe me? Read this https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/49196326/silent-weapons-for-quiet-warspdf-version-stopthecrimenet
  5. That is probably the best explanation I've read. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  6. That's how you acquire money, putting in energy and effort doesn't 'create' money. 🤩
  7. No it wasn't Dave, it was a Nurse and an NHS worker re the letters and an ex copper re the date.
  8. "A quick Google search". Try doing a proper search, and don't believe what you read on the first first search pages of Google (which was funded by the CIA).
  9. I wonder what is causing this big movement, I have hear NHS staff have been given key worker letters this week.......wonder if a stricter more draconian lockdown is on its way and the 'insider's' know that. (I have heard 2nd week in Oct😭)
  10. Ok, we will have to disagree I think. But what I have found over the years is that everything we have been lead to believe is wrong and we have been lied to on a massive system. E.g, laws come from the government.
  11. Yes, currency is viewed as medium of exchange, but it's actually a commodity which is created out of thin air. If you read the Bank of Englands Q3 report of 2008 that confirms how currency is created. The best con-victim is someone who refuses to believe they have been con'd. Think about it, currency comes from nothing them MPs go on the news saying we can't afford police or health care or to fund OAPs homes, people think we are living in a wealthy Society, but when I was a lad in the 80s, my dad's wage could afford to feed, house and holiday 4 of us (we were working class not middle) now both parents have to go to work just to get by, there are food banks and have been for over a decade. 2 things we aren't taught about in schools, law and money. Why?
  12. Well, that's not easy to explain on a forum, but I'll pm you a very interesting doc to read which help explain it.
  13. I went to a talk given by a bloke called Justin Walker, nephew of lord pilkington of pilkington glass and a former head of the BoE. Justin said when he was 16 on a train to London with his uncle, his uncle told him the politicians 'don't do a thing without our permission'. I happen to believe Justin.
  14. The UK government just like most governments takes its orders from The Centre Banking System. i think it's just North Korea and Iran that don't have Centre Banks, and we are told every month that both those countries are a threat. Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan got Centre Banks after we were told they were a threat.
  15. That doesn't really answer the simple question, where does the stuff come from. It's actually a form of slavery, we exchange our labour in exchange for worthless debt notes. It says on every note issued by the privately owned bank of England; I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of £20. £20 of what??? The bank of England has yet to fulfil one of its promises since 1689. If you go to the BoE and ask them to exchange one of their promissory notes you either get kicked out or arrested, by the City of London Police. Ever wondered way the City needs it's own Police Force?
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