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  1. Peteb

    Some sovereigns

    Hiya - they have branches all over the UK - head office is in Nottingham (old Shipstones Brewery Building) - the Gold / Jewellery auction is happening at their Marchington site which is Uttoxeter.
  2. Peteb

    Some sovereigns

    Hi all, first post - be nice lol! Not sure I'm even posting this in the correct forum - (admin, please move or delete as necessary) A local auction house is selling some gold coins and jewellery off, proceeds of crime....... https://www.johnpyeauctions.co.uk/lot_list.asp?saleid=8216&siteid=1&h=0&pageno=2 As i'm a newbie here I've no idea if they are a good deal. I do know the auction house charges 22% commission. btw - i have no connection with the auction house, i'm just signed up their new letter and thought I'd let you all know. Cheers Pete
  3. Hi all - After being a 'lurker' on the forum for a while, i though it time to do things properly! I have brought a few bits for fun but in truth I'm new to the whole idea of collecting the shiny stuff long term. Hoping to learn as much as i can from the folks on here to enable me to enjoy my collecting even more. All the best. P.
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