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  1. these are what i have there always for sale around 50 to 80 quid mark https://www.safe.co.uk/products/phoenix-centurion-1223.html
  2. lmao thats scary but to be honest some of the older safes are just fine and remember the average criminal isnt a safe cracker and if the safe is weighty and going to take more than 10 minutes for them to faf around with they wont bother (buy a cheap ps4 and some games dump it on top the safe they will nick that and clear off lol
  3. i got a couple of the older Phoenix Centurion series there ideal for coins small about 1ft x1ft weight around 50kg and cost around 50 quid secondhand i got tumbler combination and key quality for little money there 10 0r 20 years old i guess but there often for sale
  4. 1987 silver Oak tree pound coin and 483 washers
  5. grab a metal detector you can get a cracking machine for less than 300 quid second hand then.hit the beaches parks fair fields ect for the kids
  6. I know his pain i lost a tenner once lol.
  7. i didnt find it lol i purchased it from a guy that did find it and yes he said it screamed his ears off
  8. nice 1821 sovereign was actually a metal detecting find has some damage but nice coin
  9. no I can put them up here i have them listed on ebay cause I'm unsure of value thought there would be the best place
  10. thats brilliant I will update the listing they look to be proofs or certainly proof like many thanks for all your help
  11. does anyone know what these bullion coins are bellow i want to sell them but unsure how to list them I got them in a bulk lot many thanks in advance its not the same design as the other liberty eagles in silver I have but seems to have same liberty as a gold 1oz ?
  12. brilliant thanks for that I have managed to find them i will stick to my sovereigns lol many thanks for the help
  13. got them listed for sale but no joy just worried that maybe there not silver
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