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  1. lovely half sovereign interested if for sale
  2. just after a bullion grade sovereign to add to the stack anything considered
  3. After a couple of half sovereigns any date any condition many thanks
  4. I'm always on the look out for vic half sovereigns but I'm i do need an 1843 and a 1847 half sovereign any condition considered
  5. Ranger2girls

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Carded Half Sovs

    I will have the 2015 please
  6. I will upload mine December few months left to add lol 😆 I havent done so well what with the price flying up
  7. brilliant first year what was the total amount for the year
  8. I'm.after a couple maybe 3 half sovereigns any condition or date considered thanks
  9. I been after a 2015 for ages you done you done well there
  10. marsh R4 1848/over 7 not the best condition but certainly one of the best and clearly defined 8 over 7 I have seen
  11. bargain or no? i really do buy anything 😆 this was in the coins of the realm auction and again there were some real bargains to be had lovely little auction 999 minted this is the only one graded so top pop population 1 and 40 quid above spot (same weight and size as half sovereign)
  12. marsh r3 rarity 1845 half sovereign think I got 5 now 😆 I should sell them all and invest in a nice one its ex mount cleaned and scratched but got it just above bullion price so ticks all my boxes 😆
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