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  1. well here is my contribution not the prettiest but saved and loved lol sorry about quality of pics t
  2. I'm here looking at this thread if there is such a thing as coin porn I'm staring at it lmao
  3. That is a stunner looking forward to this
  4. Great idea about the thread I would love to see every half sovereign owned from 1817 to present day and must be owned by members not pics from internet I wander if between us all we have every one and wow what would that collection be worth start the thread andrew I can fill a few of them
  5. Brilliant will look forward to that
  6. Got another little Victoria half sovereign for the collection actually struggled for a long time to get the 1841
  7. Lmao brilliant would love a pic of some of you collection if you get chance shawy
  8. Wow that's alot I did 1823 half sovereign 1841 half sovereign and 1845 half sovereign for just over £900 all circulated and I get to kiss them when I'm drunk lol maybe one day I may look at slabbed
  9. Wow and wow I have never really got into slabbed coins mainly because of cost, what does a coin in that condition cost
  10. Does anyone have a 1838 half sovereign for sale
  11. That box and capsules came from a member here Shaun The gold sovereign and yes they are very tidy I will PM him and ask
  12. Well got a new case today from Kay at master coin cases to go with the one I bought from Shaun here on the silver forum well chuffed just need to fill them lol
  13. Sorry yeah not high grade and anything before 1865 theres a grim looking 1862 on at the moment for 2200
  14. I'm not after graded or slabbed high grade i I missed a VF30 1862 last week from states 1600 I will get one I have anything before 1865
  15. depends whats avaliable cornish farmer 1862 half would be nice if yah no where there is one
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