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  1. nothing that I can afford shawy lol 😆
  2. haven't got it yet but bought today 1848 half sovereign
  3. hi does anyone have any of the official Air-Tite capsules for sale i need them for half and full sovereigns many thanks
  4. ideal ty i will have a look im getting my hammer and saw a ready there will be no mond changing its being set free
  5. wow these things are tough lol 😆 thankyou all I guess from everything said there is no way to do it with out some damage to the case thats fine i don't need to save the case so as soon as it arrives I will free the litgle sucker
  6. my only reason is I like them in capsules and in my coin cases I never saw the point of slabbing low grade coins? its a 1826 half sovereign graded at vf35
  7. ok thas trp I may have to get a dremel i was hoping there was a secret way to pop the thing open
  8. I have purchased a low grade slabbed half sovereign Vf35 and wandered if anyone knows the easiest way to crack open the case with minimal damage?
  9. 4 quality chains 9ct T bar/Albert 2 necklace 2 braclet Hall marked every link 70g 9ct £1225 includes postage works out at roughly £17g can send more photos if required
  10. couple of sovereigns this morning such a shame about obvious letters scratched in
  11. answer 1 458 answer 2 with workings out 458 weird how I got the same answer before the working out ?
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