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  1. managed to get through on the phone got 2oz silver and reservation list phew good luck to you all
  2. how many now lol we miust be close to each other
  3. thanks centauri167 I do like the sovereigns 😊
  4. Well getting close to another year gone collected a few bits to add to last year's pics concentrated more on the harder to get years
  5. i will sleep tonight. im sure we all have had sleepless nights preying that your precious comes safe and sound after running the gauntlet which is the British postal service 🤔 First I have seen in years a James ll double guinea 1688/ 7
  6. royal mint rang me today asking if i still wanted the 2022 sovereign ? i said i never ordered one but a half they said there was another available so i said ok and paid over phone. never had that before and its showing up as a new order in my mint account
  7. to be honest i dont collect guineas but when i saw it advertised i knew instantly that it was the first i had ever seen come up for sale i jumped on it,and they never do if yah see one grab it lol
  8. i have just bought it midasfrog hopefully come tomorrow its a very rare coin to come up for sale because its the double guinea and the 1688/7 variety i must admit i haven't slept well since i bought it lmao
  9. perfect many thanks for taking the time to do that for me much appreciated theodoros
  10. does any one have a coins of england 2021 that they could take a pic of James ll 1688/ 7 double guinea spink no 3399 i only have 2017 copy and wandered what the current values are for coin many thanks in advance
  11. lovely half sovereign interested if for sale
  12. I will upload mine December few months left to add lol 😆 I havent done so well what with the price flying up
  13. brilliant first year what was the total amount for the year
  14. I been after a 2015 for ages you done you done well there
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