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  1. After precious metal tester not really sure what I'm after i collect gold and silver and have a budget of around £900 cant seem to find anything in the UK not sure why this is and unsure if I'm listing in the right place any help much appreciated
  2. nice little 1874 half sovereign cant really make out die number 13 or 15 somedays I seem to be able to take better pics guess its a off day today.
  3. lovely little 1824 half sovereign from a new member here many thanks jeff, these little gold coins are so soft and such a shame about the little edge knock
  4. whats for sale is there any early victoria half sovereigns for sale anydate concidered
  5. imagine what you would wear down to a little nib if you didnt have that killo bar ?
  6. wow you got that fast glad it got there safe
  7. thank you James i do love the little vics
  8. nothing that I can afford shawy lol 😆
  9. yep James I can't stop buying them lol
  10. haven't got it yet but bought today 1848 half sovereign
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