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  1. brilliant good old dad to pull a beauty out of the bag man is a legend sort of thing my father would have done and very jealus
  2. the 64 definitely has been no signs of jewellery but I think its been in a ring i did take pics in direct sunlight so doesn't help
  3. first 2 for the year bought with the 10x nectar points so 15 quid saved on each coin amazing how the color varies in the the 1 year 1963 and 1964 sovereign
  4. his account as obviously been hacked
  5. does is feedback show if anyone got theres
  6. lmao 🤣 I know its actually very good i took out a sainsbury nectar credit card used it for everything bill food petrol cleared it every month and earnt over 400 pounds in nectar vouchers bought a nice sovereign end of year
  7. I checked mine earlier and done 110 pound with nectar vouchers with my eBay
  8. loving the 10x nectar points on ebay right now find a bargain on a sovereign there are a few use your nectar card and get 3000 points(15 quid) of your next gold coin purchase i had a nice full sovereign 1963 for 340 got 3000 points bought another for 340 used voucher got for 325 + add 6.70 postage and then got another 3000 points puts gold at below spot
  9. definitely last coin of the year had a tough 203 years but I like the circulated coins 1 because I can afford them and 2 cause it supprises me how they survive so well being so soft
  10. lol no to be fair im.hoping shawy will jump in first and let me know how he gets on lol 😆
  11. what am i missing lol is he being generous for christmas eBay item number: 402619010963 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
  12. well as we close to the end of 2020 this is my haul for the year not sure what next year will bring but have a good one merry Christmas and a happy new year
  13. Mr bond last purchase of the year happy Christmas
  14. does anyone have a queen music legend 1/4ozgold for sale pf 70 prefered
  15. wanted queen music legend 1/4ozgold
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