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  1. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-bars/fine-weight-1oz/1-oz-gold-bar-valcambi/ 1551.44 euros comes to just under 2% premium
  2. dga00

    The coming Gold crash

    I have not seen them. Interesting to check the source of this information. It may be propaganda. Or they could actually be true. But most of the people that are paying down their debts in this period are those who: 1, did not lost their job; they continued working because they were deemed essential or they could do their work from home 2. received stimulus checks 3. reduced their spending because of the lock down; and this is important, because people that are accustomed to be in debt, and having different shortages through the years, have used the remaining cash, saved because of the lock down, to indulge in some of their long time wants... not paying extra on their loans.
  3. dga00

    The coming Gold crash

    That's not completely true. Prices can go up(inflation) or down(deflation) based on supply and demand. Fed is printing a lot of money, so we are certainly dealing with an increase in money supply, but here there are 2 scenarios: 1. If the increased money supply is somewhat divided between the different classes, people will have money to spend, driving the demand and prices up. 2. But if the bulk of the money supply flows towards the 1% or the 0.1% of population(the wealthy), most people will not have money to spend, demand will go down and prices will stagnate or even go down. Here I have to disagree with you again. Just to make things clear, stagflation means that wages are stagnating and prices are going up. For the short to medium term, I think very few people will get significant wage increases, very few will argue that. All we need now is to have: 1. Inflation in necessities(food, rent, utilities, property taxes) 2. Deflation in all other areas/assests(starting with commodities - precious metals, oil) So your prediction of gold reaching $400 might happen somewhere in the near future, but it will be a grim future, because people will have to spend every cent they have on things far more important, like putting food in their belly and keeping a roof over their head.
  4. Do they deliver internationally? I can't find any information on their site...
  5. A few hours ago I looked at some kooks and koalas on different sites, and the 2016 koala was in stock at around 23.4 euros. A few tabs remained open in my browser, and a few minutes ago I refreshed them to check prices and BAAAM!!! https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/294-perth-mint-1-oz-silver-koala-2016-1.html 20.28 euros or 18.04 pounds - 3 euros discount I put 5 of them in my basket, then tried to order with storage. Option did not appear at checkout, so I quickly went through their info tab and found that only orders over 500 euros can be stored. I think this is new... Since I am not going to pay 50 euros for shipping to Romania for a few coins, I said what the hell, let's put 25 in the basket and order to storage. I should be able to sell some of them and get at least what I paid for them. So I went back to cart and tried to update the 5 to 25 but it did not work. I refreshed the page and the red banner made it's appearance saying there are not enough coins in stock. As you can imagine, they sold out. Damn!!!
  6. In this link, https://www.collectorcoins.ie/en/proclamation-of-the-irish-republic-50-gold-proof-coin-2016.html, the specifications say 7.08. Added 0 minutes later...
  7. Are they legal tender? If so, I see no downside in buying. You practically exchange 100 euros from your account(or from your wallet) for a 100 euros coin. Made of silver. If silver price tanks, you still have a coin worth 100 euros. If silver price shoots up, you can sell it for the metal content.
  8. Irish coin 7 grams sovereign 8 grams It may be the same price, but you loose a gram for the proof finish.
  9. PM sent in case they are still available
  10. dga00

    The coming Gold crash

    Central banks and the states behind them should not be buying gold. Nor any other precious metal, not any luxury commodities/assets. Governments around the world are broke. They should be using the money to: - pay their debts - build better health and educational systems - help those in need They are using printed paper to hoard as much real value assets, so that, at some point, they can change the rules of the game(a.k.a the monetary system). I am watching some youtube channels that focus around PMs and I hear a lot of folks saying that broke people should pay their debt first before buying PMs, either as a form of investing or saving, and they should not go in debt for buying PMs. But I did not hear anyone saying the same thing about broke countries.
  11. No. Shipping to Romania is 50 euros, so it would have to be a large order to justify the enormous shipping price. If I buy 25 coins, my final price per coin will be the site price + 2 euros. Premiums are high everywhere.
  12. I would say this is the cheapest bullion coin available at this moment: https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/270-1-oz-silver-kangaroo-2020.html 19.50 euros or 17.40 pounds
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