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  1. dga00

    The coming Gold crash

    I do not understand why people are making fun of a man's opinion. This thread was started in March, when gold price took a small dive. And maybe, under "normal" economical circumstances, the price would have gone even lower for a short while. But let's remember what happened in the mean time: - PPP(payroll protection program) - stimulus checks - eviction moratoriums - unemployment benefits The FED alone expanded their balance sheet by 3 trillion dollars. Not to mention other central banks. All that new, cheap money had to go somewhere. And some "assets" went up in value, some didn't. It could have been, gold, silver, pharma stocks, technology stocks, real estate or any other class of asset. There is a chart on the FED site that shows a dramatic increase in home "ownership" in the US in the last few months. And I use quotes because if you took a loan to buy a house, you don't actually own it, in the full sense of the word. Wonger may be proven right, after all. Because, let's not forget what gives value to gold. It's people's thrust that it will hold it's purchasing power, even after some major economic changes. And why should it? Can it feed the masses, or even a small group of people? Can it cure diseases? NO. When push comes to shove, the majority of population will choose to live in a (fiat-driven) socialistic environment, even a communist one, where there is a sense of equality, over any other kind of regime, where previous PM savers have a (big) head start. So gold will have little value, at least for the first few decades of the new regime, and it will only be accessible to only a few people in the higher ranks. Not to mention the risk of confiscation. Also, I hear a lot of PM stackers on Youtube that they will be able to use their coins/bars to barter essentials like water or food. In a near Mad Max scenario, you won't be able to do so because either it has already been stolen from you, or your "precious" metals will worth far less in the eyes of those who will be able to produce/procure goods. Just because it's rare, does not mean it's valuable. And the perfect example for this is gold's neighbor on the periodic table, platinum. Platinum is over 10 times more rare than gold, and for the first decade of this millennium, it was slightly more expensive than gold. But when it's real life (industrial/auto) application switched to other metals, it's price started lagging. So let's not make fun of a person for having an opinion and/or sticking to it. We may all be right, or we may all be wrong. Only time(s) will tell.
  2. "Starting in 2016, Pandas switched to metric sizes. The 1 troy ounce coin was reduced to 30 grams, while the 5 troy ounce coin was reduced to 150 grams." Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Silver_Panda
  3. https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/60-1-oz-silver-panda-2015.html 23 euros 2.8 euros premium
  4. Not to be considered Wonger's little brother, but a drop in silver price is to be expected, with all the new covid cases. Silver is more an industrial metal than a safe haven asset.
  5. How many are you interested in buying? Also, do you want a specific year?
  6. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/britannia/1-oz-britannia-gold-coin-2020/ 3.4% over spot
  7. Package took 8 days to receive to Romania. Britannias and Perth Mint rectangular dragons came in slips. Oriental Border Britannias came in capsules. No gold magazines, only a few pages, not kilos as reported by others. I only paid what is displayed on their website, plus shipping. It seems that all silver products on their website have either VAT included or are using special scheme, so the price is final.
  8. This is an interesting view of things... up to a point. That point being: growth for who? If we entered this system so that, in 50 years, a handful of people will hold the majority of the wealth in the world, then I would say....some very bad words towards this sytem.
  9. Nooo... Traditional banks usually have different exchange rates than the fintechs. right now, 1 gbp is 1.09 euro, and that is exactly what revolut offers. Your bank may offer only 1.08 to 1.05. Better make sure of their exchange rate before doing any conversion/purchase.
  10. https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/1360-1-oz-silver-elephant-2014-privy-horse.html https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/1390-1-oz-silver-elephant-2012-privy-dragon.html https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/750-1-oz-silver-elephant-2013-privy-snake.html https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/1132-1-oz-silver-somalia-elephant-2017-privy-rooster.html All between 21,00 and 22,00 € Might be a good deal for collectors... or flippers
  11. The small raise in coin price is due to spot price increase.
  12. https://www.europeanmint.com/2020-1oz-uk-silver-britannia-coin/ Also reduced the Britannias @ €19.64
  13. It seems that someone @ bullionbypost follows this forum, as now there are a lot of special offers on the european site too.
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