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  1. Do you have capsules for the Next Gen series? Also, what condition are the coins in? I see some spots on the outer edge of the crocodile coin.
  2. Hi! How was your experience with https://www.argentorshop.be/? Any issues? Did the order come through? I just visited their site and I am interested in some of their products. But before buying, I would like to know if someone on the forum can share their experience with them. Thanks!
  3. https://www.bairdmint.com/products/1oz-uk-gold-lunar-year-of-the-pig €1,605.15 7€ under spot at the time of writing
  4. Only looking for the 1/10 oz. Easier to liquidate in this 'God forsaken country'. Thanks for the offer! No, just the specified coins. Thanks for the offer! Also, now with Brexit, I think I will need to pay taxes for silver coming from outside the EU. So I don't think I will accept any offers from UK(for silver). If someone knows differently about these taxes, please let us know.
  5. The 30 years anniversary coin. I;ve updated my initial post. Thank you!
  6. With the latest spot price increase, my offer is 180 pounds. Please keep in mind that postage will cost me an additional 15 pounds
  7. Hi guys, I am interested in purchasing the following coins: 2020 1/10 oz Gold Lunar 3 Mouse 2020 1/10 oz Gold Kookaburra 2020 10 oz Silver Kookaburra (30 years anniversary) 2020 1 kg Silver Kookaburra (30 years anniversary) Each coin must be in BU condition, in original capsule. I am looking to pay around 180 pounds / 200 euros for the gold tenths, and around 28 ounce of silver. Feel free to post your offers down below, or via PM. Thanks for your time&help!
  8. I'm confused... is there a reason why these are not sold yet? Beautiful coins, especially for their age. Free bump
  9. Brilliant Uncirculated or bullion?
  10. 1.644,13 € a.k.a 2.7% premium for 2020 1Oz Gold Britannia https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/britannia/1-oz-britannia-gold-coin-2020/
  11. UK only, of course Anyway, thanks for spreading the word.
  12. Really wanted the 2015 Kook, but I am after a BU(or at least minty) coin with capsule Free bump
  13. https://www.silber-werte.de/100-E-Unity-2020 2.2% over spot by my calculations
  14. Please share latest experience! Thank you!
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