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  1. by Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung. It's the third of 8 coins.
  2. So, here we are the new coin of this serie. I really love the design of the saber tooth cat. 15000 mintage, so this serie will be a success in my opinion.
  3. Hi everybody, So, the 2020 proof The white horse to sell. Price : 125 pounds or 140 euros + shipping from Germany or France as your convenience . Paiement via PayPal (FF) or transfer bank . PM for details
  4. Kraittos


    Honestly, the cheapest you find and of course you like. What about Noa's Ark of Armenia, I love that coin, I could buy them before that crises to 20.5 $/oz in Germany. Today the cheapest I find is The Owls of Niue , a beautiful coin 22 $, so for 21 $ the Britannia is really a good deal
  5. Out of stock ... platinum is really really hard to get at a good price, fortunately last time they ad big five elephant I could get one.
  6. Kraittos

    where to buy gold

    I'm Spanish, living in Germany so for gold in Spain a serious dealer is Andorrano Joyeria, but they don't have any coins available, only bars so on eBay there are some serious dealers with some stock but the best price for 1oz you can find il would be around 1690, so maybe 1/2 oz and silver. If I were you I tried to find 1 oz with a good price.
  7. Noah's is for me the best rate quality/price in BU coins. The coin is really amazing , almost a proof quality, at the beginning of the year when the pre-order was ready I ordered 10oz 19 euros each before the crisis so you will need to wait a little bit to find around at a good price.
  8. I purchased one. I love the design and it is really a good price.
  9. I'm buying gold ( with medium premium), silver BU I will wait, just to see the evolution of the prices with that crises.
  10. For me , I get somes ... best premium at the moment. 38 euros for a 2 oz limited BU even if in 8 weeks the dealers have more supplies, I don't think that the price will low more of that price.
  11. Kraittos

    Pre Sale

    same as silverdocket, in pre-sale only bullion with a low-medium mintage and no too much premium. The only 2 pre-sales was today. 2 oz Crocodile and baby and 2 oz Krookoburra and baby from Perth Mint. Saw the premiun on a simple ML or AE Aaron 21 euros. 2 oz limited mintage for 38 euros I think is a good deal.
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