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  1. https://www.silber-werte.de/2-Pfd-Britannia-1-oz-Ag-2020 Britannia 26,78 euros
  2. Hi everybody, so here some silver To sell in the prices is not included the shipping (it will be decided by the buyer at your risk) for the payment I accept EUR Paypal FandF, and GBP, USD transfert money. Shipping from Germany or France as convenience and prices. Thank you! - 1 oz rectangle dragon 2020: 26 euros - 1 oz Libertad 1983: 35 euros - 2 oz Kraken Canada: 58 euros - 2 oz Kookaburras Piedfort x2: 50 euros each. - 1 oz the green dragon ( all of them have marks on the queen 's face) x5: 30 euros each and they don't have capsule - 1 oz Britannia Orien
  3. ..... I really want To believe you about the prices but.... I don't
  4. at the end of the year I guess.
  5. I purchased once at goldsilver.be but reading this post and another ones before, maybe I should consider not To order anymore ... omg...
  6. In Germany silver is not taxed ( because silver as if it is silver BU is considered as collection metal so it is no taxed for the instance) and in Estonia too (I think so)
  7. Again because this is the second time. The first time the delivery man lost 40 gold francs and this time I'm telling you the story: Before the sharp rise in the price of silver I bought 20 oz Kruger 2020 silver at 21 euros from eldoradocoins. The carrier as always with them is DHL, the day of delivery I was not at home and I saw in the follow-up that they notified it as delivered (I said good, he leaves it with a neighbor as always ...). My surprise is that he didn't leave it at any neighbor but he left it in front of the door and he forges my signature . The neighbor in the apartment on
  8. Almost 19£ and raising , where it will be the roof?? Long time stackers love that moment haha
  9. All physical, but only % BU here (in numismatic is higher the gold %) Gold 50% Silver 43 % Platinum 7 %
  10. I have ordered many times and I will continue. They are careful with the packeching , They can hold your orders for a futures one to send all together, you can speak even in Spanish with them (I'm Spanish haha)!! And they are really competitive with the prices .
  11. Nowadays We have To be more worried about another kind of cartels...
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