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  1. AH! Yes, very noob question. I misread the diameter spec as 22.5mm. Thanks all for your input.
  2. Hi all, apologies if this is a noob question. I recently ordered a 2019 sovereign from the Royal Mint. The strike on the 'T' on Elizabeth is very faint but having ordered from the Mint I was confident of the coin's authenticity. However, having measured the coin, the weight and the thickness check out, but the diameter is at most 22mm, at least 0.5mm short. Is this sort of variance in diameter normal, or should I be concerned? I am within 14 days of delivery so I could ask to return for a replacement.
  3. Should I be concerned about the bad strike on the T? I'm a new stacker and this is my first sovereign so apologies for the noob question. This is a new sovereign which came straight from the Royal Mint so I assume it's about as legitimate as they come, I'm more concerned about losing the resale value on the premium due to the condition.
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