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  1. It’s a .999 pour. Not sure that it weighs because I didn’t weigh what I put in the furnace and it came out too heavy for my scales! I estimate a kg though
  2. Seriously never seen Sponge Bob?
  3. Spongebob, Mr Crabs, Patrick, Sandy Cheeks & Gary are all next to come
  4. Which look does everyone think is best for this?
  5. I’m motivated to make a quick sale if you want to make an offer buddy?
  6. Unusual set, includes 1/10 gold, 1oz silver & 1oz bronze coin £200 inc SD
  7. Jane Austin £2 coin, PF70 and very low COA, no13. All boxes and leaflets Nice piece, moving on due to change in employment Now £900 posted SD
  8. Due to a hiccup with my employment situation I’m selling some silver off. Please add delivery of your choice Royal mint dinosaur 50p, silver proof or display box- £50 each Gold plated Darth Vader (999 silver) £80 Colourised “The Wave” (999 silver) £100 Rosalind Franklin 50p proof -£50 Rosalind Franklin 50p pedi fort -£100 Canadian holographic “Loon” - £50 2018 Snowman, in large display boxes -£70 each Snowman 2018 & 2019, in acrylic display- £50 each Gruffalo 2018 & 2019 in acrylic display- £50 Britannia 2021 set with reverse frosted coin £200 SOLD- ASE V75 -£175 Odd Bologna bar, 1oz 925- £50 Carl Sagan Pioneer spacecraft plaque keyring (925)- £50 SOLD- Queens Beast 1oz completer- £150 PF70, 2015 Britannia- £85 Magical beasts high relief- £60 SOLD- Niue turtle- £25 SOLD- Samoa sea horse- £25 2015 Britannia £2 coin proof- £50
  9. POUR MANS SILVER I’d like to introduce my first poured silver product for sale, floating coin display stands Each stand is 100% hand poured 999 Silver- Made in the U.K. and hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay Office This is the first piece finished and weighs 13.5ozt and sells for $730 (postage can be discussed but I estimate $20-$30) Following pieces can be sold polished or aged, but I think they look much nicer aged IMG_7259.MOV IMG_7251.MOV IMG_7253.MOV
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