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  1. Don’t know about the statistics, I’m trying not to look into it too much to be honest because the information is so wide and conflicting at the moment What I’m very aware of is that it spreads like wildfire in a care home. I’ve never seen anything like it in the last decade. With the proper precautions, procedures etc it’s went through my home much more efficiently any flu, cold or D&V bug I’ve ever seen before. 75% of residents developed symptoms and 25% died. Surprisingly it seemed to miss nearly all of the most frail and vulnerable, the ones that died are not the ones I would have thought
  2. I have ten, 1oz walking liberty bars for sale. All sealed in plastic, lovely little things but I’m changing around my collection £20 each, buyer pays delivery of their choice. Would consider gold or interesting silver trades bank transfer please
  3. There’s a lot more to be concerned about than blood clots When I was in hospital I was treated for pneumonia, pneumonitis, pulmonary oedema, low potassium and magnesium causing heart arrhythmia. I’m 37 and have no medical history A patient in the same bay was in multi organ failure. Another was in renal failure. Another had had disseminated intravascular coagulation and was recovering from it. I don’t know how any of these fared after I left ICU. I suspect a patient at my care home developed brain injury from lack of oxygen prior to dying. I saw him when I returned to work and he was a shell of himself. Looked exactly like other people I’ve seen with this in the past, but as he had planned to die at the home there was not option to send to hospital for any in depth diagnosis In a year or twos time they’ll have been huge amounts of data collected. It will be interesting to know everything that’s going on and how it’s affected different people
  4. I’m down near Brighton. On the way to work this evening the beaches were fairly packed, not by usual Brighton summer standards, but still thousands, town was busy too and there’s a lot more people on the buses than there has been for months. The vast majority didn’t have masks on and there were a lot of crowds I’m sorry you lost your Dad. I’m a nurse and lost 25% of my care homes residents and ended up in intensive care myself. It is most certainly very real and I’m glad people on this forum do believe it. The current plan to reopen worries me a lot, this spreads so easily
  5. Never lost a patient from flu that I remember. D&V also can be devastating and spread quickly but I don’t think I have there either. We had multiple staff and residents test positive for it. As for people saying the tests have issues probably yes they do. But if multiple people die with the symptoms of a respiratory illness in the middle of a respiratory pandemic and they all test positive for that illness, and that illness presents differently to anything seen before, probably safe to assume they died of that illness and not something unrelated My home was lucky in a way, ours was the first area of the country to have an outbreak so shortages of equipment etc weren’t such an issue. A majority of our staff are EU nationals, none went home, some even returned from holidays early to work and help Loneliness is a part of life for many of them. Several go months or longer without a visitor or phone call, staff being the only people they have contact with. Fear also yes. In hospital as I was watching my numbers I thought I was going to die and certainly would have if not for intensive care. That in itself wasn’t scary. Not being able to breath though forces yourself whole body into a panic. Never in life have I experienced anything close to that bad I really believe in the lockdown. If this we’re allowed to spread more healthcare workers in all environments wouldn’t be able to deal with it and a lot of people who are surviving now simply wouldn’t get the care and treatment they need to survive
  6. When I first read this I got quite angry with you. That aside if you haven’t lost any one or suffered from this yourself I’m glad for you. please in future if a dr or nurse or someone with personal/ professional experience is trying to help other people don’t presume you know better and try to insult them. I doubt you have any experience of this in a real world setting and I honestly hope you never do If you don’t want to listen that’s ok too though. Hope you stay well honey
  7. Reading through this there’s a lot of people who are downplaying it I have 2 first hand perspectives on this. I’m a registered nurse, I work in a private care home. The virus has killed 25% of our residents so far. I know from friends and contacts that a lot of other homes have had the same story. I’ve been in the healthcare industry most my adult life and have never seen anything spread so quickly and take so many lives. Even things that are so good at spreading like the flu or various D&V Bugs just pale in comparison, both in ability to spread and lethality I caught it off my patients. After feeling a bit rough for a week I went down hill quickly and ended up in intensive care. As a nurse I understood all the scans, monitoring and test results and believe me when I say I’m lucky to be alive. I’m 37 and healthy, had I not been taken to intensive care I have no doubt I’d be dead. I’ve spent a lot of time around death, if I were looking after myself I would have given myself 50/50 at best It’s a Russian roulette. I’m looking after a 100yr old who only got a mild cough, however it did kill some of my much healthier patients and almost killed me. It doesn’t matter if it was made in a secret lab or it’s a plan to steal our wealth. Ultimately it exists, it is out there and it is very dangerous and it poses a threat to a lot of people. I read in the U.K. that 25% of patients taken into intensive care with it die, I watched this happening to other patients when I a patient on such a unit I know a lot of stackers take a view of mistrust of the media, government etc. I do myself. Please believe me though this is very real and potentially very harmful. You may carry the virus not knowing so because you have no symptoms, then pass it to someone else and never even know it was you who killed them
  8. Go on....... I’ll pay postage, yours and mine
  9. Recently traded some silver for gold. Very happy and now I have my first two queens beasts, but both are the Lion of Mortimer, bullion coins Would anyone want to do a straight swap for any other in the series?
  10. 🤦🏻‍♂️ not quick enough, let me know if sale falls through
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