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  1. Priced to sell- Winston Churchill medallions by John Pinches 925 silver with gold plating Total silver content just over 18ozt £445 inc special delivery
  2. Hello mate, if this is still available I’d like to take it off your hands
  3. I’ve been breaking down one like this with a hacksaw. It takes some time but it can be done
  4. Congratulations Darr3nG, will Pm you
  5. Final few hours, was expecting more interest 🤣
  6. Lovely little piece here. I’ll run the auction for 10 days, to finish on Monday 12th of October at 19.00 (U.K. time) Starting bid of £35 please, to go up in £1 increments. Buyer pays post of their choice good luck ladies and gentlemen
  7. Grufflehog

    for sale or exchange 925 medals at spot

    SOLD I can’t change the heading atm cause of new forum software
  8. Hi guys I like the look of the forum on the new servers and things seem to be running faster on my connection can anyone tell me how I see trader feedback now? I can’t see it one anyone else’s profile and I’ve lost all my trading feedback too
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