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    InvestInCoins888 reacted to louisfinlay in Price Slashed for all 3 at only ¬£325 Delivered x Quarter Sovereigns Slabbed, Boxed, First Day Cover   
    Brillant price for anyone who collects quarters¬†ūüėÄ
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    InvestInCoins888 reacted to Pohaku in who is concerned about gold confiscation in their country?   
    Identifying those who hold physical gold, tracking them down, and then physically attending their premises to confiscate said gold - all of that takes a significant amount of competence. 
    Even if a decision were to be made that this was going to happen - which I can't see, short of a total collapse of society - there is no way they could implement it, at least not here in the UK.
    Having spent decades in a former life working within an element of 'the authorities', I can assure you there is simply not the expertise, the common sense, systems, nor the staff to complete 'Operation Take Everyone's Gold'.
    As a comparison, I would refer you to every single major project or campaign that the UK government has implemented (or tried to) in the last 30 years.
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    InvestInCoins888 got a reaction from Liam84 in Price Slashed for all 3 at only ¬£325 Delivered x Quarter Sovereigns Slabbed, Boxed, First Day Cover   
    @ £325 Delivered SD
    Bank Transfer Preferred Please 

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