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  1. Yes, throwing more money at the problem will definitely fix it ..
  2. Agreed. The Covid-19 deaths are really quite trivial, but long lines of army trucks make for a good spectacle to show the normies how very serious it is and how they must stay locked up in their basements panicking like crazy.
  3. Well, of course - this is the real reason for their presence, but the news would have you believe that it's for our protection, keeping us away from each other, so we don't catch this "deadly" virus and all die .
  4. "Doing well and in good spirits" - yes, definitely requires the army stationed on every street corner to keep us all locked up in our houses to "protect" us from this incredibly deadly virus that's going to wipe us all out. /s
  5. They're taking their 3.4% from inside hospitals where people are already likely to die from other underlying medical issues, hence the artificially high mortality rate. There are many educational videos out there that show their figures to be nonsense and the true mortality figure is more like 10x less than 'flu. Turn off your TV set.
  6. Cool! I'd be delighted to help Mr. Johnson get the economy back on track and people spending again. A grand should be good for about 3.5 sovereigns a month .
  7. It's becoming increasingly clearer that this whole charade is part of something far bigger than this puny "virus". All these things to "help" us get through it coming into force "immediately". I've had emails from my banks advising me that it's all so very serious that they will be closing their branches and call centres and I should only contact them in an emergency... but in the next paragraph, "we are available 24 hours a day if you require additional borrowing and/or an increase in your credit limits" along with all sorts of other offers of "help" to defer and reduce payments. It's reassuring to know that not only the government, but also the banks have my best interests at heart !
  8. The only thing they will be "protecting" is the government and the plod from getting their heads stoved in when the food runs out and riots start. It's nothing to do with "protecting" us from the virus, but I suppose it gives all the dummies a warm fuzzy feeling that the government has their best interests at heart. /s
  9. Yes, quite incredible to watch the gold price increasing in GBP whilst decreasing in USD ! Unfortunately the only reason for the relative strength of the dollar is because every other currency is in the weeds.
  10. Please stop panicking. This is what they want you to do. It's just the 'flu. Turn off your tv set to stop you being bombarded with endless"breaking news" to whip you up into a panic and instead watch the video posted earlier from Vernon and study the figures. The mortality rate for 'flu (which we have every year and no-one bats an eyelid) is 10x that of coronavirus. Stop working yourself up into a lather, go out and see your friends and have some beers.
  11. Enjoy it while it lasts, Kim, then please form an orderly line for your inoculation which will make you feel even better.
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