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    "Gold is money Everything else is credit." -- J.P. Morgan, 1912

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  1. 25% of the supply is already shut down - according do David Morgan, can't reference a link rn - Chile, Peru & more have ordered mines closed
  2. Please watch How Big Oil Conquered the World
  3. 100%, I've been saying this since February. I have close relatives who are doctors + their entire circle, all convinced that this is not as dangerous as portrayed, and given the amount if investment someone is making into hyping this up... we are bound to find out what's the endgame of this worldwide 9/11. Take a look at this as well...
  4. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, my main issue was if the coins were out of stock or are the orders going to be fulfilled and that's what I wanted to know as it would have been really unfair had that been the case - money locked in, no coins, unable to shop elsewhere..
  5. Yep... I would rather own silver but it seems that the mints being emptied out too would translate into... is it months before dealers restock?? At least gold is still available right now. And this coinciding with supply chain shocks, labour issues, and of course the viscous money printing that is about to take place... it looks like gold and silver prices could skyrocket despite the non-existent PM's flooding the market and pushing the spot price down, doesn't it? Plus, the real problems with the virus haven't even began yet. Do you think the demand for silver would be the same when it is available once again? How did this go during the previous shortage around the 08 recession?
  6. What are the different ways you see this playing out? Are we at the beginning stage of 2008 x 10? x 100? Global mining disruptions? Moon soon? Given the situation I am seriously considering putting a lot more cash into gold while it's still available. In the same time, the world hasn't ended yet, but I am not convinced that gold prices would be lower on the other side even considering the current near record price. It's a ginormous clusterf... What are your thoughts?
  7. I agree with what others have said, but yet it is a good question and I would also be interested in finding out what you guys think about a timeframe?
  8. Huh? My order was stuck on Waiting Payment for 30+ hours even though the payment's been made, of course I would phone them up. Finally, it just changed status 🤩 I run a business myself. Being busy is just not a valid excuse to reject customer calls. Oh, and yeah, if someone needs silver now - I would be happy to help them free of charge, group buy, mediate, translate, whatever - so??
  9. Thanks for the input. Yep, it MUST be insane. Finding someone to communicate to clients should remain a priority though. Rejecting clients' calls is just unacceptable, sorry.
  10. Goods will keep on flowing, albeit slower. I can wait too. My only real concern is if they are going to ship what I ordered... And the complete lack of communication is not reassuring, nor professional! Honestly, I think you're actually quite happy that you ordered, lol - I don't think we will be seeing silver this low ever again. And if we have another few months to a year - f%%%% great!!! As eventually the economy is going down the drain this time for sure and everything we've been hearing about PMs for the past 20 years is finally going to come to life...
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