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  1. My collection is quite varied, for example i bought a collection of used silver coins off here from various different countries. I also like American silver eagles, morgan & peace dollars etc. I have collected a large number of commemorative unc coins from various common wealth countries. I can't think of any specific examples that i couldn't find as some of the coins i tried to research i didn't buy. I have only been collecting since Nov-19, just a bit paranoid about buying buying a fake etc or over paying. i was looking into the American Landmarks 2oz silver round series today, obviously didn't expect numista to have info on that as it is a round. But it did get me wondering where everyone else gets details on coins from as there is so many different factors that can affect a coins value. thank you for the NGC suggestion it looks a good site.
  2. Hi, When i am buying a coin i like research it using google, TSF and my favourite site is Numista as it has detailed specifications on the coin and pics. But some coins i have looked for aren't on there, i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions of other reliable coin catalogues or methods of researching coins. https://en.numista.com/
  3. i have been stacking for nearly a year now and i am starting to find that problem, especially if you have coins in cases. i have seen various suggestions for storage ranging from plastic tubs from home bargains to a metal case for poker chips. i don't think there is anything wrong buying items you like, just keep an eye on the premiums and shop around. i have a few pieces i know i will never sell, but the main thing is have fun with it. i have bought a few floating frames to display some of the coins as it seemed a shame for them to be boxed up.
  4. Hi, I only recently started silver stacking / collecting and my wife bought me a great 2oz American Landmarks silver round of Mount Rushmore. There are more in the series that i would like to collect, please message me if you have any for sale.
  5. tubes do take up much less space than than putting every coin in a capsule, but i don't like how easy it is to damage a coin getting them in and out of the tubes. i ended up getting some cheap plastic storage boxes and put all my coins in capsules with the foam inserts. i have put those into an old camcorder bag i had spare with some silica moisture packs in there.
  6. i had a good buy off a coin dealer on ebay for two isle of man commemorative crowns at £8 each, i had bought a couple of other coins off him and let me have them at a discount.
  7. Hi, Are you willing to split the coins, and if so how much for each one? Jim
  8. Hi, I have only recently got into collecting silver coins, i have been watching backyard bullion on you tube and others to further my knowledge on the subject. I'm interested in learning more about silver coins, i am also interested in silver bars. The coins i have collected are quite varied at the moment, but my favourite is the Mount Rushmore coin that my wife bought me, see pics below. Would love to get into gold, but it's a bit expensive for me at the moment lol Jim
  9. Hi, are they still available?
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