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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    I have the silver bug, want to get my bullion collection to 100oz and also buy some fun pieces. Currently working on the Queens beast series.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    1oz Brittannias,
    Ashai bars,
    Silver Dragons Youtube rounds
    Queens beast 2oz silver

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  1. Located in Dublin Ireland. Pm prices and shipping. Thanks!
  2. Looking for the 2oz Griffin. Please give price if willing.
  3. Alanlaw

    Silver beginner.

    Billy silver have a great explanation above but if I can chime in on some things I found when I started stacking earlier on last year. I think you need to decide are you a stacker, a collector or both. They are different in my opinion. STACKING Don't buy single coins that have high postage cost as it drives your Β£ per oz cost real high, I spent +50gbp for two 1 oz silver bars. I got a much better price buying a tube of Britannias. It sure does cost a lot more immediately but long term they ended up cheaper than the first two bars per oz because I could disperse the cost of post
  4. Hi, what are your prices?
  5. Looking for the following 2oz queens beast coins to complete my set. Black Bull of Clarence. Lion of England. If anyone is willing to sell let me know prices. Thanks
  6. How much for Yale, falcon, greyhound & lion of england without capsules?
  7. I've been feeling the same way. Its very lazy to just go "I'll transfer 25 quid"
  8. Sorry this is my first time here, does it work that I give an oz I get an oz or is the drawing a random one like a secret Santa? Either way I have a 1oz Silver Asahi bar to add!
  9. Hi are these still available? If so can I purchase one of each?
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