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  1. Thanks, I'll take a look
  2. Hi all I recently came across Darr3nG's gold comparison link http://goldprice.eu5.net/ in the forums and have found it both accurate and time saving. Does anybody know if there is anything similar for silver prices?
  3. Just a quick update for anybody that comes across this thread. I didn't recieve an email reply from GSBE, but a couple of days ago I recieved shipping confirmation details for all my orders and today I have taken delivery of everything. So it appears that individual orders are put a side when you place the order. Needless to say I'm very happy and will have a little more faith next time!
  4. Thanks for all the replies. They've made me a little more hopeful, I suppose now I'll just wait and see....
  5. Yes my previous orders are all shown "customer safe #2." My latest order was presale coins so I expect they won't be in for soe time, they're currently showing as payment recieved. I was just wondering if the coins shown "safe #2" were actually physically put aside for me when I ordered the. I noted on some other threads that there were members that had contact with people over at European Mint, was interested to see if there was anybody with a similar relationship with GSBE that could shed any light.
  6. Ah, thats what I feared. Based on that looks like potentially a very long wait. Bit of a P*ss take really as some of them coins I ordered and paid for in Jan and now they're showing as out of stock until December. You'd have hoped they would have anticipated the shortage and put some aside for those that have already paid, probably asking a bit much considering they can even spare time to send an email update about the situation....
  7. Hi all Over the last 2-3 months I've placed several orders with GS.be asking for them to be stored. My most recent order approx 10 days ago I have ordered approx 40 coins on pre sale asking for that and all my stored orders to be delivered. Obviously I appreciate with the current situation I should expect delays and also I need to wait for the pre sale coins to come in stock. My concern at the moment is will they actually have my previously ordered coins physically stored somewhere or will I now find that the coins I previously purchased were not stored and sold due to th
  8. Hi guys I have a query, I’ve been looking through the sale section and have seen some decent offers that would work out a bit cheaper than buying on goldsilver. I’m guessing it would be frowned upon to just join the site and start making offers to buy coins, if there’s anybody in the London North london area looking to sell some 1oz Silver coins then I’d be happy to collect, just for some reassurance that I’m a genuine buyer
  9. Hello all Just a quick hello to introduce myself to the forums. I’ve been doing my research and I’m looking to jump into my first purchase from goldsilver.be this weekend!!
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