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  1. Hand poured 999 copper or silver Dia de Los Muertos skull. nice paperweight, gift, or addition to hand poured Art stack . between 3-4 ounces , made to order . $30.00 For copper $27.00 an ounce for silver version shipping included in the US. Hand Poured 999 silver Glock, toned or raw silver , $70.00 each shipped . (Approximately 45-50 grams ) Hand poured 999 silver Storm trooper ,$75.00 shipped ( approximately 73-78 grams) Hand Poured 999 silver skeleton key .22 grams , $25.00 shipped Hand Poured 999 Copper Han Solo in Carbonite, 4/10 of a kilo $75.00 shipped. copper and silver rounds made to order available as well.
  2. SALE!!! last chance for this 6.8 grams of specimen gold with white quartz. From Canadian Yukon. $340.00 free shipping Anywhere in the US. ( international is extra) Venmo or PP Send me a message if interested , I am Also willing to trade for 6 grams of gold bars, or 19 ounces of silver. DM If you have any offers for trade, it never hurts to ask. Located in Southern California . SL is for size reference only , not included.
  3. What kind of package are they in ? Still haven’t got mine yet . Not sure if I may have missed it or not .
  4. Can I have 88, or 17, or 131? oops , just saw it’s too late . Whatever number is fine . Thank you !
  5. I would like one bar please . Preferably an odd number .
  6. That was exciting !!! I don’t own any of the queens beasts yet . Can’t wait . Thank you for putting on the contest and making the forum so much fun .
  7. I made this hand poured gold bar from Alaskan flour gold and small nuggets . tests at 20-21K. 9.72 grams $500 shipped . Venmo and PPFF If you have any any questions , feel free to ask . ( quarter not included, but is for sale separately . It’s there for size comparison )
  8. I made these handpoured .999 fine silver cleavers. They are prototypes for a larger project I’m working on for an art show. I added .925 sterling rings so they could be hung or worn as a pendant . I will probably only make a limited run of these considering the amount of work it takes to make them. But It’s bullion you can wear, so that’s something extra. for a limited time : $50.00 each shipped PayPal and Venmo.
  9. Oops . For some reason it copied the old post again . I will try to erase that part ( fixed it )
  10. 1927 S standing Liberty quarter dollar. key date coin Full clear date and mint mark $50.00 shipped
  11. 1979 Mexico Casa De Moneda Onza silver coin. $33.00 shipped venmo or PPFF
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