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    Robda1986 reacted to Spence098 in Today I Received.....   
    Love these two 😍
    Thanks very much @Clockpuncher for the 2 sov 🙌👍

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    Robda1986 reacted to rob6 in 2012 Sovereign BU   
    Great condition. Looking for quick sale to fund another purchase.
    Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer accepted.

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    Robda1986 reacted to lxy70713 in Assorted gold bars   
    Gold Bars
    1g £50 (mutiple available)
    5g £240
    10g £455 (mutiple available)
    20g £900
    1oz £1385
    FIXED price + Postage

    Perth mint bar and Royal mint bar are sold
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    Robda1986 reacted to LResdave1 in 24ct 999.9 Fine gold Bars   
    🌟24ct 999.9 Fine Gold🌟
    Bullion & investment 
    1g Baird & Co (carded) £55
    1g Metalor (Carded) £55 x 3 Available 
    1g Pamp Fortunas (carded) £57 x3 available 
    1g Valcambi Combi bar (plastic caps) £52 x 5 available 
    1g Umicores (loose/pouch) £52 x 2 available 
    1g Umicores (carded) £55 x 2 available 
    1g Karabars £55 x 2 available 
    2.5g Umicore (carded) £130 x 2 available 
    2.5g Baird & Co (loose/pouch) £128
    2.5g Pamp Fortuna (loose/pouch) £130 x 2 available 
    5g Baird & Co (carded) £245
    5g Heraeus (carded) £250

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    Robda1986 reacted to DarthGareth in 2017 Privy Sovereign   
    For sale: 2017 Privy Gold Sovereign in capsule.
    In nice condition.
    £370 posted Special Delivery.
    Any questions just get in touch. 

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    Robda1986 reacted to StackSellRepeat in Premium pieces & capsules   
    Disney™ - Pirates of the Caribbean (1ST IN THE SERIES) - The Black Pearl™ NEW ZEALAND MINT (WORLDWIDE MINTAGE OF 15,000) - 1 oz 999 Silver - Uncirculated handled with gloves but may have marks so classed as bullion to avoid any disappointment. - £40 each 
    2021 Solomon Islands Minotaur Labyrinth of Crete 1.5 oz Silver Proof Like $4 Coin - £100 (2000 MINTED WORLDWIDE) Would look brilliant graded 🤩
    Perth Mint rectangle dragon 1 oz bar capsules:
    1 - £1
    Box of 10 - £8
    Plus P&P of your choice, Bank transfer Please  
    I would advise opting for special delivery as that’s the only option that covers bullion.

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    Robda1986 reacted to ali187 in Full Sovereigns for quick sale   
    Here we 4 Full Sovereigns for a quick sale
    2019 Full Sovereigns x3 £323 each
    2020 Full Sovereign x1 £323
    P&P £7.99 Special Delivery 
    Need a quick sale. No offers

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    Robda1986 reacted to Lindeman in Today I Received.....   
    Never a bad week when silver Libertads arrive ! Thanks to @Gypsy for these lovely 2020 1 oz BU libs.  

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    Robda1986 reacted to Foster88 in Today I Received.....   
    Ladies and gentlemen. Please be upstanding.
    Her Majesty Queen Victoria has arrived, in all her PCGS plastic casing glory. 😆
    She might not be amused but I am.
    The 1889 Melbourne first obverse variety rated R3 by Marsh.

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    Robda1986 reacted to Lyrinn in Today I Received.....   
    I fear that, in a year where all talk has been on a bug known as Covid-19, I accidently picked up another one.
    The silver bug; collector's edition.
    I'll be honest, I really liked this design for Euryale, but I'm not a fan of the other rounds in the series.

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    Robda1986 reacted to Tn21 in Today I Received.....   
    2005 half bullion Sov - Andrewsl76
    2002 half bullion Sov - HGM 
    1g Britannia bar and 100g silver bar arshimo2012
    Thank you to you both. 

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    Robda1986 reacted to HerefordBullyun in Best silver memes   
  15. Haha
    Robda1986 reacted to NeutronJack in Best silver memes   
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    Robda1986 reacted to lxy70713 in 2018 Struck on the day Prince George 5th Birthday 'Plain Edge Gold Sovereign   
    £525 Posted RMSD - Mint condition

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    Robda1986 reacted to Charverdude in 1903 Sydney Australia low mintage gold full sovereign till midnight tonight £330 delivered by SD   
    Here I have a 1903 Sydney Australia full sovereign,
    it has a low mintage of 2.8 million compared with the uk 1903 full sovereign of 8.8 million 
    it’s in pretty good condition for its age but has a few marks , look at photos for the condition of the coin ,
    if you have any questions or want more photos taken please ask it’s no trouble at all 👍😁
    Asking  £338 plus postage of choice/risk 
    thank you for taking the time to look at my post .

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    Robda1986 reacted to Foe in 100g Umicore 999 silver bar   
    100g Umicore bar
    Couple of light scratches all around and few yellowish spots on the back. 
    Price is 85£
    Postage at the cost and risk of the buyer. 
    Payment via PPFF or BT. 

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    Robda1986 reacted to Tangomachine in Bars Photo Thread...   
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    Robda1986 reacted to Sharpstack21 in Bars Photo Thread...   
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    Robda1986 reacted to westminstrel in The 95th Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen   
    That is the annual Proof Sovereign which was released late last year.
    The Celebration / Strike on the Day Sovereign being released now will have a plain edge and a matte finish.
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    Robda1986 reacted to MJCOIN in 2017 Bullion Gold Sovereign   
    2017 Bullion Gold Sovereign in stunning condition.  There are no marks on the coin that I can see.  
    Has the "200" mint mark and 5th Portrait.
    £360 inc of Special Delivery to UK addresses only.
    Bank Transfer or PPFF only.

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    Robda1986 reacted to MJCOIN in 2017 - 1 kilo Silver Libertad - (one of only 200 minted)   
    2017 - 1 kilo silver Libertad in excellent condition.  Has never been removed from capsule.
    This coin is one of only 200 minted in 2017 and has a lower mintage figure than the proof like coin (500).   Information shown on Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertad_(coin)
    £1,050 inclusive of Special Delivery to UK address only.
    Bank transfer or PPFF only please.

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    Robda1986 reacted to Nick1368 in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    back on track again , soon we will see $2000 , I just don't see why not .
  25. Haha
    Robda1986 reacted to AndrewSL76 in The 95th Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen   
    Oh dear - don't be expecting a 70 grade as even the coin pictured appears to have a bit of an issue:

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