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  1. Good to hear you are okay. We've had several similar experiences and it's always terrifying. Please be safe!
  2. Updated - Also the Feed Kearney event is going great! We've fed like 1400 people so far. https://bisonbullion.com/alonetogether
  3. lol.. wish these were mine too.
  4. So heavy though.. We process 1-4 a week edit** these are usually 998-1045 ozt
  5. **Note, we are actively producing these and updating available numbers on the site. The plan is to limit production to 1000. Which is $20,000 towards feeding the hungry** Let me know if you have any questions. TY!
  6. Hello All! We're producing these hand poured bars as fast as we can. **EDIT** ((Spot Price + $2.99) x weight) plus $10 so if spot was $17.01 they would be (($17.01+$2.99) x 10ozt) +$10 = $210 each Here locally in Kearney, Nebraska, USA we're partnering with a couple businesses to offer free drive up meals to the hungry. I've been amazed at how people are so strong despite the Pandemic, company layoffs, schools and daycare closing. Thank you for your support! -Jake @ Bison Bullion
  7. Hey just a heads up we're making everything we have available. In hand ready to ship. https://bisonbullion.com/allbars.html If you are Jones-ing for physical silver. Have a great weekend! -Jake @ Bison Bullion
  8. Always cool to see other people's hand poured designs and prices I'll be following your site!
  9. Cool. I should do these too! Poured 25 items today ~350 toz.
  10. Apmex sells our stuff - https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-oz-Silver-Bar-Bison-Bullion-SKU-80040-/112615755536 https://www.apmex.com/category/25790/hand-poured-silver/all?vt=g&f_brand=bison+bullion&page=1 KearneyCC is us on eBay -- https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-TROY-OUNCE-999-FINE-SILVER-HAND-POURED-BISON-BULLION-STANDARD-BAR-NEBRASKA/123034734209?hash=item1ca5710e81:g:qbYAAOSwwE5WXyfN https://bisonbullion.com/10-troy-ounce-bar.html We don't currently have a process to sell outside of the US. 😕 I should probably figure that out eh?
  11. I'm a sucker for a cool design or something old and rare. Blessing and curse of working at a coin shop Luckily Nebraska, USA is still tax free for gold & silver sales. Just have to file IRS paperwork on over $$,$$$ transactions.
  12. Pouring in the freezing cold, sweeeet lines today! Sorry for the cell phone picture.
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