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  1. Holy Cow! I had no idea. This should be required for everyone to watch. Thank you @ NRSovereign
  2. 1/2 oz. Silver Rounds AT SPOT - No Premium! Celebrate 2020 with a spot price deal! For a limited time, Golden Eagle Coins has 1/2 ounce Silver Rounds AT SPOT! https://www.goldeneaglecoin.com/item/silver-bullion-1-2-oz-round-999-fine-_random-design No minimums and no premium. Maximum 10 per order (5 troy ounces) while supplies last. Free Shipping w/$99 purchase.
  3. Thank you Minnesanger I'm glad you brought this up. I have been looking at this... https://buysigmametalytics.com/t/precious-metal-verifier-standalone They don't look hard to use and you can pick one up for $569.00 USD. Anyone know if they are reliable? I would hate to buy this thing if it is junk. Anyone have one of these that can chime in?
  4. GoldOCD


    Hey, thanks. I will check it out!
  5. GoldOCD


    This post is great. You totally had me. I was so jealous for a bit. I might get me one too. LOL.
  6. Thank you all for investing your knowledge into this forum. I'm Learning a lot. Merry Christmas.
  7. Hello, I'm From the US and think I just found a new hobby in collecting metal. I have a lot of reading and research to do so I will probably remain pretty quiet on the forum. I just want to lurk around and soak up some knowledge. I'm very interested in determining real from counterfeit coins. I know this skill is an art and will take many years to develop but I would love to proudly buy with confidence one day instead of turning down opportunities. Any advise is always welcome. Thank you all!
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