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  1. Looking for a lion king coin to go with my disney coins
  2. Keiran

    Disney coins

    Anyone got ruff price I should pay for a lion king disney coin
  3. It cant be my error as I have said I have the purchase confirmations and payment confirmations and the payments going out my bank by paypal but they are not on my order list so has to be somthing up with there site /system...only asking coz if I was to requested them to be posted and not noticed coz buy off them weekly and use storage for cheaper shipping I could of been down like £100 if they didnt notice aswell
  4. Yes I have checked that and got them I even checked my paypal as thats what I payed on and all payments are there ... I have emailed them waiting on a response was just wondering if has happened to anyone else
  5. Has anybody had trouble with europeanmint just looking back on what I have in storage with them and wasnt adding up checked and over last 2/3 months I am missing like 5oz in silver on my orders list
  6. Just after some silver grain what's the prices that people have
  7. Want to get some capsules for my 1 oz coins any recommended sites to get them with good seal and fit for the coins
  8. I have been using the 6 months free storage with europeanmint how do I go about getting the coins I have been buying sent to me I cant seem to find out how haha I am probably being very stupid
  9. Ye I had a look through the site and noticed this so I got the bottom membership for this month to start off with see if it's worth me getting the better memberships
  10. Kimchi Will head on over there and have a brows what they have in stock thanks pal
  11. This is very good to know thanks very much
  12. Thanks for that that byb youtube channel is how I got on to this site I found it very useful on learning a about buying and testing if it's real and just general stuff great channel ... and yes kimchi I understand what you mean about low mintage coins not going to be leaving in there to long just like month maybe 2 months just to save me paying postage and insurance every week
  13. Stacker2020 oh glad to hear from you if you have been a customer with them and stacked orders makes me feel more comfortable ordering and letting my purchases build up and get them delivered together thanks
  14. Thanks you bullionbilly just coz they seem to have some nice stuff on there but postage is like £15 and at them moment only been spending like 20-40 a week and that's a lot on postage if was to use it a cupple times a month or over say 5 months and I am only buying 1 coin at a time to much in my eyes on postage .... wanted to make sure it's a good site as new to this better to ask questions than mess up and get ripped off haha
  15. I got recommended this site https://europeanmint.com/ is it a good for the free storage and have cupple of coins / bars shipped together to save on shipping... has anybody used it and can let me know Thank you for reading and any advice you can
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