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  1. Good luck getting a response..... PM'ed him months ago, and still aint got a response.. Think he might of got into a spot of bother with Smaug ..😀
  2. Hi Gav, I'll grab 1 of each if you have them. Cheers. Will PM you..
  3. Was going to make an offer for the brit, 1 white lion and a falcon.. but suspect we're too far apart. Cheers anyways. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Any wriggle room on your prices, GS?
  5. Coin arrived safe and sound, well packaged Mr Rick. Thank you.
  6. Hard to believe some posters find it "disgusting" that a poster raised a concern regards a sale... I'm fairly sure his cornflakes are tear free mind. 🤣 Cheers folks... Keep the honest debate coming chaps and ladies, it makes the forum as true as an arrow, and that is a benefit to each and every visitor, buyer and seller. Informed decisions are usually better decisions.
  7. Many thanks for all the info Martin. Quite the back story..
  8. Hello skipper, Not having seen those bars before, have they ever been tested?
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys, very much appreciated.
  10. Long time lurker first time poster part time stacker. 😀 Got some gold, but only a smattering of silver. Thats about to change. Hopefully i can engage with you guys in the coming weeks, months and yrs. Stay safe. Davros.
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