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  1. Interesting discussion. Some polarized views both directions regards inflation/ deflation/stagflation. I wish it was that easy. There is no doubt there is alot of conversation amongst some pro's regards inflation, but hey, the FED has been promising, nay threatening, and now this time they really mean it regards inflation.. lol. The FED and central banks around the globe are desperate for inflation,(to devalue their debt) yet the velocity of M2 money supply is dropping like a stone, and has been for years.. This implies inflation is going to be hard to come across.. The truth is, the majority of the western world,consumers, governments and corporates are heavily endebted and we don't have much capital or debt to spend to push inflation up. Further the banks are in risk averse mode... The central banks stuffing the commerial banks with reserves, has not thus far equated to an increase in debt being issued to mainstreet. Indeed barclaycard has in recent days taken a sword to credit card limits. What will push hyper inflation is money (debt) hitting mainstreet, thus far money has been pushed into financial assets rather than the average Joe.. Indeed inflation is a two edged sword, rich peoples assets have been inflating whilst the trinkets they buy have been deflating,(vs their rising incomes) poor people get the worst of both worlds, higher true cost of every day goods, and assets prices streaking off into the sunset making buying a home for example much less affordable.(vs their static incomes) The central banks pull a full con job on the poor and middle classeses via hedonic regression when calculating inflation... "the best recovery ever"... not for the bottom 90% whose wages have DEFLATED in real terms... Indeed if hyper inflation was so nailed on bond yeilds would be sky rocketing... They have never been lower!!! So i remain open minded regards the debate... Nobody has as yet convinced me one way or the other, and the bond market ain't convinced either.. Its an important debate for us PM fans.. Very few asset classes do well in a high inflation enviroment in terms of making you money in real terms.... PM's are one of the few. I suspect studying the previous inflationary periods would reveal the info we all seek. (how to grow wealth in a high inflationary enviroment if it happens)
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys, very much appreciated.
  3. Long time lurker first time poster part time stacker. 😀 Got some gold, but only a smattering of silver. Thats about to change. Hopefully i can engage with you guys in the coming weeks, months and yrs. Stay safe. Davros.
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