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  1. JC5, They are good guys and run a tight ship.... Ordered multiple times off them, and never once been let down. Will be ordering more when the time right.. You have nothing to fear. Best D...
  2. Hi Guys n Gals, 1kg KCM Bullion bars for sale. £760 +£10 Special Delivery. 4 for sale, Certificates included. Can't always post the next day due to work, but endeavour to do so. PM me or post your interest here.
  3. It'll sure be amusing if some of these multitude of paper contracts stand for delivery.. This pass the parcel of lending the same bars over and over might just come a cropper.
  4. Provisionally sold.. Subject to payment.. SOLD.
  5. Price maybe... availablity... Now thats a different matter..
  6. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/reddit-preparing-unleash-worlds-biggest-short-squeeze-silver
  7. Hi guys n gals. Brand new, unopened half kilo Argor bullion bars for sale. £395 per bar, 2 Remaining. (+ postage of your choice, but i reccomend SD) Delivery to UK only. Payment by bank transfer. Comment here or by PM. Aim to dispatch within 2 working days. (I work 10 hour shifts, so next day dispatch not always possible) More photos available on request.
  8. Good luck getting a response..... PM'ed him months ago, and still aint got a response.. Think he might of got into a spot of bother with Smaug ..😀
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