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  1. Just used this method with astonishing results no toning no scratches. Unfortunately I dried it with cotton wool pads lol and some specs of dust went on the coin, how should I remove this I dont want to scratch it.
  2. Is it a good idea to clean coins though? could it not have bad effects down the line
  3. i cant believe someone let this coin get dirty lol. have i been unlucky here then?
  4. The stain in the photo is kind of like a brown dirt.
  5. Hi, i bought some old kookaburra's the 1992, 1995, 1997 and 1998 from goldsilver.be. i was not sure what to expect with the coins being over 20 years old. the 1995 arrived in prestine condition nothing wrong with it, the 1992 is also pretty good considering the age, however the 1997 and 1998 both have these coffee like stains on them quite bad on the 1997.. Im not sure if these are milk spots i guess they are but is this to be expected when buying such old coins or have i been unlucky do you thinl? Thanks
  6. nice, from the picture above im not sure that it has the quality of the previous two, but i will have to wait and see... actually i take that back after looking at the detailed photos this might actaully be my favourite yet lol.
  7. I love these coins yes the premium is high but i find the animals actually have character to them which makes them a bit different. looking forward to the next in the series coming out in february. Do you guys collect this and do you think these coins are a good investment?
  8. i hate buying off ebay because im scared of fakes but i cant find a deal anywhere as good as this from a dealer (i know this isnt a great deal anyway). What do you think of this listing, could he be selling fakes? 64 sold 100% feedback tells me he is genuine but still i guess you never know https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2016-CHIWOO-CHEONWANG-1-OZ-SILVER-MEDAL/332735750595?hash=item4d7898a1c3:g:q5sAAOSwQVZZhWub
  9. wow what a find! thanks, although the coins on there are slightly different due to them saying Zwei, which one is the error coin? oh i see now the lettering is different on the error coin.
  10. I've got intercept capsules from light house. Not sure if they are any good but they claim to 'actively prevent tarnishing' and guarantee this for 15 years, do you think there is benefit in transferring coins which come in capsules from their mints to these? I'm not so sure because I think you might be doing more damage to the coin by transferring them?
  11. Thanks, Would you say the capsules the coins come in are ok usually if you pay a good premium on the coin from a known dealer or would you still transfer these to air tites. If so how is this done because I tried transferring a coin I recently bought which wasnt that expensive and when I took it out using the cloth for my glasses spots began to appear then disappear and I notice some milk like spots on it already.
  12. Nice stack, will poor quality capsules increase the chance of nill spotting do you think? Would it not be better to transfer them to air tites? Thanks
  13. Hi I bought a coin case for 8 coins today. I had to transfer the coins from their original capsules into the ones provided with the case. It was only cheap at 10 pounds. They seem to he low quality, not very air tight as you can open them easily and not smooth around the edges, there seems to be bumps where they were once joined to each other. Do you think it's ok to keep the coins in these capsules? Thanks
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