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  1. Have the following for sale: A] 16 Ounces of Fine Silver + 11.5g of .925 Silver - 10oz Silver Bar by Sunshine Minting (still in original plastic) - 5x 1oz 2018 Krugerrands (in capsules, capsules a little too big for them but do the job) - 1oz 2011 Canadian Timber Wolf (in capsule, some milk spotting on rear) - .925 Silver Earrings and Necklace weighing in at approx 11.5g ### SOLD including Special Delivery ### B] 1/4oz 2006 Australian Golden Nugget/Kangaroo (in capsule) ### SOLD ### PayPal Friends & Family preferred.
  2. Sounds like hell (unnecessary hell) and sounds like the seller has been very unreasonable throughout the whole process. I can't believe the court is anything other than a threat unless the seller is really that foolish considering your evidence - probably more just to scare you into not going through the eBay returns process. I would hope that this is the end of the case for you.
  3. £380 weekend reduction, special delivery included.
  4. For now, lot only. Maybe a week or so down the line I'll split. Thanks for interest.
  5. I have the following Silver 1oz Coins for sale. Want to sell as a lot and will list at £380 incl Special Delivery via Paypal F&F. Most in great to excellent condition and all with capsules (1 or 2 a little too big for the coin within). Most noticeable exception is the 1987 Eagle which has some toning. USA 1987 American Eagle Canada 2016 Maple Leaf (monkey) UK 2017 Britannia Russia 2018 George The Victorious Somali
  6. Thanks for that - It does sort them well between continents and country.
  7. Hey, quite new to collecting but have a few coins from different countries and it gave me an idea. I was planning to collect 1 Coin from every single country/nation that has a coin produced. I realise not every country has 1 and some have multiple etc. but are there any sort of guides out there? I would like to create a spreadsheet and track them throughout my journey. Edit: should note I'm only after 1oz and .999+ silver.
  8. Nice post Ron. It's helpful to me as a newbie and I appreciate it. I've literally only started my collection and would class myself as a stacker. I've started looking through lowest price coins but getting bored of the designs and then I see some absolutely beautiful ones with a high premium and start to consider them - alas, without pulling the trigger but the thought and future purchase potential is in my head. I would say it's a very easy trap to fall into.. however, isn't there a sort of subset of categories in which you can be a stacker with an eye on collecting too? A some
  9. Thanks everyone, very helpful advice here
  10. So I've seen a few videos and most people handling silver are wearing gloves. What type of gloves are best? Should I get a magnifying glass or any other accessories to help me that I'll use often?
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