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  1. Hi, starting a world silver collection and I already have an Aussie coin so have this 2015 Kookaburra (25th Anniversary) for trade. Looking for any 1oz fine silver in return. Capsule preferred but not necessary. I have USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Mexico, Somalia, St. Helena, Chad, Armenia, St Kitts, Australia & South Africa covered so anything outside of those countries please. I guess the more obscure the better? 😀
  2. Thanks for that - It does sort them well between continents and country.
  3. Hey, quite new to collecting but have a few coins from different countries and it gave me an idea. I was planning to collect 1 Coin from every single country/nation that has a coin produced. I realise not every country has 1 and some have multiple etc. but are there any sort of guides out there? I would like to create a spreadsheet and track them throughout my journey. Edit: should note I'm only after 1oz and .999+ silver.
  4. Nice post Ron. It's helpful to me as a newbie and I appreciate it. I've literally only started my collection and would class myself as a stacker. I've started looking through lowest price coins but getting bored of the designs and then I see some absolutely beautiful ones with a high premium and start to consider them - alas, without pulling the trigger but the thought and future purchase potential is in my head. I would say it's a very easy trap to fall into.. however, isn't there a sort of subset of categories in which you can be a stacker with an eye on collecting too? A somewhat hybrid of the 2 - I mean I am in this hobby to stack but I can also see myself paying premiums for coins I like or that have meaning to me. And for that, I don't mind paying a little more.
  5. Thanks everyone, very helpful advice here
  6. So I've seen a few videos and most people handling silver are wearing gloves. What type of gloves are best? Should I get a magnifying glass or any other accessories to help me that I'll use often?
  7. Haha thanks. Maybe one day, buddy! 😀 I know what I'm asking for when people are heading off to the States then!
  8. I saw that JM Bullion in the US do a promo of 10 x 1oz Silver Coins at Spot Price (limited to 1 per household). I'm in the UK and wondering does anywhere here offer this same sort of deal?
  9. Thanks everyone... I'm out of reactions for today already lol! But I would thank them all if I could.
  10. Hello there. I'm new to the entire hobby, I literally discovered a 1987 Silver Dollar my dad had give to me years ago and it piqued my interest. Did a little research and it seems like silver coin collecting could be in my future! Lol I've always enjoyed collecting things, at least with Silver coins I could collect without losing a load of value (ie. Trading cards losing value quickly though that's a different ball game altogether!). Any tips or advice is welcome. I plan on collecting .999 silver coins of the 1oz - 10oz variety, probably slowly building the collection (eg. One a month). Anyways, hello again and speak to you around the forums :)
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