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  1. Yeah, excellent service and quick postage from Silvertrader. And a free testing magnet too.
  2. Silver, it's not easy to even buy at spot, let alone under. Assuming you're talking coins/bars, not scrap.
  3. Just got one from Silvertrader. Shame I missed the boat when it was cheaper but I think still a good price in the long term.
  4. If only I waited. Will cost me more than that with postage and paypal fees in the end.
  5. I have a full set of ten 1oz copper uncirculated rounds depicting the apocalypse for sale. More details here - http://www.zombucks.com £30 with free UK postage (2nd class post). Or extra if buyer prefers a different shipping method. Payment via Paypal F&F.
  6. These are now available on European Mint (despite them saying they had no plans to stock them when I asked a couple of months ago!). Anyway, 198 left at €35 each on the group order system. I don't normally pay such amounts for 1oz coins!
  7. I didn't order in the end because of the high postage costs. Anyone in the UK got a spare?
  8. The Brumby is at European Mint. Almost 30 euros though...
  9. Just what I was about to say!
  10. Group orders here on TSF is an option. Silver comes from European Mint.
  11. Owners of the Kraken could be on to a winner if next year's coins turn out to be great designs.
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