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  1. TechSilver

    Any new series??

    Anybody interested in new coin releases/series from July 2020 please check out: Silver Assassin
  2. TechSilver

    Any new series??

    @MrFreezerrr Thanks for the support
  3. TechSilver

    Any new series??

    Anybody interested in new coin releases/series from June 2020 please check out:
  4. @Jamesd Unfortunately prices to match too 🙁
  5. @Rocky2000 Yeah, the PS5 should be a big leap compared to the PS4 The 100x faster SSD compared to the mechanical hard drive in the PS4 should be a game changer
  6. @Jamesd Thanks, I find that the following 2 companies have very good stock and selection of collector coins: https://thecoinshoppe.ca/product/poseidon-greek-god-of-oceans-2018-2-oz-pure-ultra-high-relief-silver-coin-antique-finish-with-partial-24k-gold-gilding-niue/ https://www.powercoin.it/en/cit-coin-invest-ag/3574-poseidon-sea-gods-of-the-world-3-oz-silver-coin-20-cook-islands-2019.html
  7. TechSilver

    Any new series??

    Anybody interested in new coin releases/series from May 2020 please check out:
  8. Just uploaded Part 3 for anybody interested in the conclusion of this series:
  9. Just uploaded Part 2 for anyone interested:
  10. With the imminent announcement of the new Assassin’s Creed game - Assassin’s Creed Valhalla I recently created a video about Assassin's Creed Odyssey related silver coins Check it out; if you like both silver coins and Assassin's Creed Silver Assasin
  11. @sixgun I thought I was the only silver foil hat wearing guy out there that thought: "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. COVID-19 is a cover story for collapsing the economy." Of course, you've got a pirate hat instead my silver hat
  12. @KDave You sound pragmatic "It is mass suffering so that things can change. It is a brutal thing, much like nature is brutal. " What will the world look like after Covid 19? I don't think we will go back to service as usual. Surely manufacturing will move back from China to the west, not all, but esstential services like medicine manufacturing Will China ever answer or pay for the cover-up of the C19 virus? etc.
  13. @KDave Your right, even I get money & currency mixed up; the 2008 crisis educated most of us between the difference between money & currency
  14. @KDave Your obviously a smart guy, but this fiat / fractional reserve system, wouldn't it be a disaster for the ordinary guy on the street? Most people I know, 2 days into the lockdown we're mentally defeated; most people don't have any savings, let alone any PMs I know 2 guys that tried to top themselves by day 5. I worry about the mental state of the people in the UK and the "the buy now, pay later" culture which is the norm now.
  15. @KDave What do you think of this financial system we have? I think it's absolutely bonkers! Creating "money" out of thin air.
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