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    Worrying data breaches do happen..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-57932823
  2. Just my opinion....not telling anyone else how to think....but! 24ct Britannias always remind me of chocolate coin from Christmas 22ct Krugerrands just look 'right', how I'd always imagined a gold coin would look like.
  3. 18 Krugs 2 Brits Bought mainly from Atkinsons and HGM. Turned up at Atkinsons looking my normal 'extreme-casual' self; pulled 20oz out of my scruffy shorts pocket and flogged the lot. No issue with Atkinsons as they checked my ID and I also have an account with them; no issue with the banks or HMRC. Just about broke even on the lot but I hadn't held it for too long, just stacked it over 18 months or so.
  4. Krugs, only krugs - maybe a Britannia if I have to but it'd have to be really cheap. Planning on 2 a month, maybe 3 if I can afford it. Sounds like we all have the same 'Buy High, Sell Low' masterplan then 😄 - David
  5. After selling my 20oz gold stack to finance a house deposit nearly 4 years ago I've just started my new stack! 3 krugs from HGM - caught a dip and got them for just below £1300 a piece. Which I was a bit quicker and could have got them for a little less but there you are 😉 Going by my past 'success' as I'm starting to buy again, I guess this is a good time to sell 😄
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