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  1. I have 1050 Troy ounces of silver all coins and graded coins and commerative rounds, some 5 oz rounds. I bought it all as a lot from a buddie, I’ve never bought so much at a time lol. I bought it all at spot and +1 over spot for the eagles. What is the best way to part it out! eBay is fee bay I see, just advice. Looking to hold as an investment now but if I need to sell what is the best way
  2. I agreed to 17 at 1050 oz! I’ll reweigh this week when I pick up. I appreciate all replies and once I get it will be happy to post some Picts. I bought silver lol not coins so I don’t know it if I have anything worth over spot
  3. Now I’m worried spending 18k lol. I think it’s all legit and where I live is in the country. I asked him and he says all good. The only onesI would question are the eagles and commerative coins. He has a bar that he bought that was drilled
  4. I read up a little on this! I asked him, and he collected all coins within the last 20 years. Not sure the counterfeit stuff what prevalent let. If I weigh them will they weigh slightly off? Also I saw a lot of counterfeits have a brass core, that shurly won’t weight the same and if so not the same dimensions
  5. Any way I can post Picts and get an opinion? I am clueless to this except knowing spot and that is what I offered at 17 and he agreed . 18750. Now I need to figure it out I guess lol
  6. The dimes look like I could get a 50-70 cent premium per dime but that is a lot of work lol.
  7. Thank you. We came up with 1050toz. I agreed to a spot price of 17 for 17,850. There are about 12 graded ms69 coins and a lot of in my mind worthless commerative silver like a 5 oz washing quarter, and such. If I could post pictures I would let you see what I took photos of. But buying at spot seemed to be a good deal just trying to sell it will be a pain if you don’t dump at spot?
  8. OK so I was not clear last post, will be more detailed now, sorry. I have a chance to buy silver from a friend who need to sell due to family situation. I never bought bulk silver and was questioning what value is good! I'll list out what I'm getting. Appreciate any insight and best ways to sell this off eventually. Was going to buy as an investment and see what silver does in few years. Bars Mixed 1oz through 10 and few bars 50 Oz and misc commerative coins and such 494 Oz Morgan peace dollars 174 coins 90% silver half dollars 449 coins 40% silver half dollars 253 coins 90% silVer quarters 552 coins 90% silver dimes( mostly mercury dimes) 1221 coins 35% silver wartime nickels 331 coins 15 Oz foreign silver coins I believe 80 % silver
  9. Looking to buy 1050 oz of silver. Probably 150 oz of bars and the rest is coins and bs commutative coins, aka melt value I believe! I’ve never bought this size of silver and need advice. I have mercury dimes. But what I’m looking for is fair price for the lot
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