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  1. What sort of charges are there to keeping your goods vaulted? Rav
  2. So my stack has been growing a fair whack over the past year. This has got me now starting to think of storage. I currently have a small safe for my gold and a crafted wooden box for my silver. I am thinking of getting a larger more robust fire proof safe. How do you store yours? Looking to see others storage solutions and maby take advantage of others knowledge on the matter. Rav
  3. Sorry @Mago123 this sale was completed last week. I have two more I will be putting up for sale in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out.
  4. @HGr I love how that beautiful coin is your profile pic. 🤣
  5. If your desperate to remove this, please get it professional done. Will likely be worth the cost then risk mucking it up following some you tube video or the like if you don't know what your doing.
  6. Ravoma

    Lion of England

    I collect the queens beast series in both 1oz and 1/4oz but could NOT bring myself to pay 2 grand. We will see were the market goes. If some people's predictions come true and the price takes off even more that may turn out cheap 😂
  7. You could take it to one of them cash for gold stores that keep popping up. If they offer you £20 you know it's real. On a serious note I am curious to the results of this too. Rav
  8. This can not be unseen. Who signed off on this coin before it was struck? 🤣
  9. Payment received. Many thanks and enjoy your new bar it was a pleasure dealing with you :D Rav
  10. What is that stuck to the maple?
  11. Not often seen on here I have this lovely Royal Mint Britannia 1oz Gold Bar for auction. Bought directly from the mint still in the original packaging unopened. Bidding starting at current spot £1,492 I will include special delivery in the UK. Min bids of £5 Payment by bank transfare only. The auction will end on Sunday at 6pm and I will ship on the Monday after. Good Luck Ravoma
  12. Ravoma

    Sold all my Gold

  13. This is the kind of stuff why I wouldn't touch eBay with a barge pole. Rav
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