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  1. So they simply store your details until HMRC ask. How long do they keep these details on file. Indeffinatly or after the 12 months are up?
  2. It's nothing sinister I think. It's just proof of legitimacy.
  3. To stop my misses spending my money.
  4. Looking for 1/4 gold queens beast. Not the dragon and not proof. Thank you. Regards Rav
  5. Just collect the 1/4 is what I do 😀
  6. I actualy like it! Though that black blob is freaking me out a bit...🤷‍♂️
  7. I will remember this 😅. But in all honesty I cant see gold even going as low as 1150-1200 anytime soon or if at all.
  8. My thoughts are pretty much this. I will still buy at the current prices if the deals are reasonable. In it for the long term, though i think most of us are. 😁
  9. Yeah i am surprised to its a bargain at that price.
  10. Hey, Going to pass on this one for now. Sorry if I have wasted your time. Going to limit my spending until next month Kind Regards
  11. Can vouch for the book gave me alot of info 👌
  12. Hello, I am looking to buy 1/4 queens beast. Anyone got any going for sale please PM price. Kind regards
  13. Ravoma

    Legit dealer?

    Hey Has anyone bought from silvergoldbull.co.uk and if so how was the experience? Regards
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