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  1. I've seen all kinds of video with the card skimmers,, they're like a green cup that goes over the game card scanner,, usually you can pop em right off
  2. I'm sooo antsy!! Sorry I've been quiet guys,, been working too much lol congrats all the winners so far!
  3. Thanks for the tip! I did try but my phone doesn't have an autofocus setting, i will be buying a real camera soon,, nice vid!
  4. I'm on a ghetto smart phone atm but I will deff look for those settings!
  5. Lol I meant mine was a random fun fact πŸ˜› great info though!
  6. That sounds like a pretty good idea man!
  7. No I wouldn't say it's "difficult" to jus melt and pour silver,,, but like any art form,, you can jus pour silver,, or you can refine you're skills and pour art that people love! That part is deff difficult and requires experience at least
  8. Umm very random fun fact, there is a CO that makes buckshot shells that are clear with silver buckshot
  9. Ohh hahaha deff didn't use my thumb,,, I had a misspour and it created a lil thumbprint bar,, which I the smaller,, so I let it cool outside and get cold and poured the rest of it on top of the smaller bar and it made those amazing ripples,, then I stamped as hard as I could and fortunately on the 2nd to last stamp the smaller one popped off! And now it is what it is haha
  10. Haha i was actually trying to look up a 10 oz Britannia and couldn't,, I was like damn he's giving away a real rarity hahahaha
  11. I don't feel right putting up an oz and receiving possibly 10,,, if I get a fat draw I will toss in extra stuff to try and make it fair
  12. Absolutely!! I'm very glad it worked out for you and you're happy with the result!!!
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