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  1. Irvin

    I'm new, help

    Thanks for the advance guys, appreciate it
  2. Irvin

    I'm new, help

    Thanks for the welcome guys, appreciate your advice already, I'll look into premium membership before I start buying👍
  3. Irvin

    I'm new, help

    Hi all A couple of weeks ago, silver collecting was mentioned in passing to me, looked into it, and now here I am, proud owner of a single 2oz Queens Beasts Coin:) I've a whole load of lurking to do here just to get my head around all of this. To start with I want to get some Royal Mint Silver, mix of 1, 2 and 10oz, I love the 10oz Valiant, but is there a general consensus on whether the 2018 or 2019 is the better buy? Leaning towards the 2018 on looks alone.... Is the 10oz Griffin still a good investment at c£305? I've a couple hundred quid burning a hole in my pocket and if I don't spend it, the missus will😂 If any of you fancy sharing any pearls of wisdom, I'd be totally grateful! Irvin
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