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  1. Really thats good i sold my gold bars to bullion by post but wasnt sure about the coins xx
  2. Britania forteienth ounce gold damage inside card 2012 kiwi 2 x 2014 outbreak 1/10th oz maple
  3. African wildlife australian kangaroo Fiji taku Noahs ark some with milkspots
  4. I ment the plastic wallets they came in i guess i said something wrong then, im just trying to get an idea on price xx
  5. 2 2014 year of the horse 1 has a milkspot 1 2008 year of the mouse
  6. 3 2014 impalas 2 2013 cheetahs Still in origanal packaging
  7. Hi, I have a load of silver coins to sell, could people please give me an idea what price to sell them at on here realistically in the UK. Pictures and coins to follow its going to take me a while. Thankyou Happydays
  8. OK thanks, I will do that, yes I will need to get a load of padded envelopes, I don,t want to sell them for £13 each some of these cost me 20 odd 30 odd at the time so im already making a loss. I was stacking when silver was at a higher price. Thanks again. Happy days xx
  9. Hi thanks, do you think if i post what I have here people could tell me what price I should be asking for as im a bit out of the loop with prices these days. I dont really want to sell them but I need the cash so have no choice. Happydays xx
  10. Hi Thanks, im not able to post on the selling bit not enough posts I think, I already sold all my philhamonics to bullion by post, for £13 something each, I was hoping for a bit more then that for some of the coins I have left, but I have no idea where to take them, and I dont really have the time to sell them individually on ebay, plus im not really sure what the going prices are these days, I stoped collecting silver coins several years ago. Happydays xx
  11. Hi, iv came here in the hope of finding somone who will buy my silver coins I have left as a job lot in the Lincolnshire area, im not having much luck with google, only can find sites that want to give me bullion prices, does anyone know of anyone. Thanks happydays xx
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