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  1. Pretty excited to add this to the gold stack. Looks way nicer than a 64!
  2. Hello there, and welcome!!!
  3. Received this the other day for my world gold collection.
  4. The Lion is my favorite, but I do like them all.
  5. Wow! Very nice! Looks like they were made to hold those bars.
  6. Welcome...from another newbie!!!
  7. Hi Farhaj! You could research charts and graphs and try to see what correlation the price of gold was at the time of the highs and lows. Economic landscape? Political fallouts? Foreign policy? Etc. But even if you can hammer down what really drives the market, how can you predict when those events will happen again? It would be pure speculation. That’s why you will not get a clear cut answer here. As stated above, gold is a great hedge against inflation. It’s a long hold and not for the faint of heart.
  8. Good advice here. I like to have all sizes and denominations of gold in my stack. I prefer government issue gold like AGEs, Maples, Krugs, Etc. The best bang for your buck with those are 1 oz. pieces. I like fractionals too, but the premiums are higher. In most cases you can get those premiums back when selling. Avoid fractional gold buffalos, reverse proofs....stuff like that if you want to stay close to spot. Also, you can find a lot of these government issues already in TPG holders in MS69 for just above spot if you watch for specials. I like world gold too like Sovereigns, Francs, Pesos etc. no premiums to contend with on stuff like that. Only downside is demand isn’t as high on those type of gold pieces, so you could potentially lose money if you need to unload them quickly. The upside to the low demand and lack of premium is that these aren’t problematic with counterfeiting. The best advice I can give you on buying gold is: 1) Before buying gold, pay off high interest unsecured debt. (Credit cards) 2) Have an emergency fund. 3) Buy whatever gold appeals to you the most. Aesthetically and financially. 4) Keep gold as an insurance policy. Don’t think of it as an investment, think of it as another place to park money besides a bank. 5) Sell when you WANT to, not when you HAVE to. That’s where #2 comes in. 6) Don’t sweat the swings in spot prices. You don’t take losses or make gains until you sell it. Have fun and keep us posted on whatever you do!
  9. mr1030, that gold type set is off the charts! It looks so classy in that Capital holder!
  10. Thank you for the nice welcome everyone. I’ve been looking around trying to get the lay of the land. I like the way it’s set up here. Very user-friendly. I really like the photos only threads. It’s funny, but I enjoy looking at other people’s collections as much as I like viewing my own. Good times ahead!
  11. Greetings everyone! Thought I would take the opportunity to join your community here. My name is Bob, I’m from Massachusetts, USA. I’ve been accumulating PMs for approximately 15 years. Started out stacking silver but exchanged a huge part of it for gold for storage sake. Gold is my main interest but I buy silver on occasion. Main focus is government issue gold (AGEs, Maples, Krugs etc.) and for the past couple of years I’ve been buying pre-33 gold. I don’t stack for investment but view it as another place to park money. I look forward to being a part of the discussions. I’m not an internet tough guy, so I don’t gravitate towards controversy or meaningless diatribe. Looking to be a productive contributor and hopefully purchase some PMs here after establishing myself and building trust. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Bob
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